Resurrected Mind

Heal Your Mind, Transform Your Life – Through A Course in Miracles


Healing Success Stories

One client’s testimony recently touched me. I share it here to encourage you to try CranioSacral Therapy because it eases anxiety, depression,and stress as well as physical and emotional pain as well.

Before I was led to Monica at Touch of Your Life, I was ‘done’ with Western Medicine. Nothing gave me relief from the church bells ringing in my ears to the pain and swelling of my legs after “recovering” from a massive blood clot. I couldn’t swallow another pill for the life of me. I have been seeing Monica on a regular basis for about two months, and my life has drastically changed (all for the better). The ringing in my ears has been gone a long time. I am no longer limping and walking in pain. I can think, I can actually focus. Thank you Monica, giving me part of my life back.”   —Joe Menard, Reedsburg, WI


Monica Dubay has greatly changed my life for the better since I started seeing her on March 14, 2012. I have released enormous amounts of guilt, sadness, worry, fear, anger…because of my CranioSacral sessions with her. I have carried these emotions/symptoms with me since my first memory at age 4. I am now 44, I have been in psychotherapy on and off since I was 15. Monica has been more beneficial to me in the short time I have been seeing her than all the years I have spent in therapy. Monica is reliable, professional, and makes me feel very welcome at all of our sessions. I look forward to seeing her every time and always leave feeling like I have conquered yet another problem. Monica has also introduced me to A Course in Miracles. This has also changed my life. I truly feel like a better person emotionally and spiritually because of these lessons. I can’t say enough good things about her personally and professionally. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. I thank God for putting Monica in my life.”   —Deanne C. Rohde


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