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How to Begin the Course in Miracles Lessons

What if you don’t know how to meditate or to still your mind?  I know how this is, when I first started doing A Course in Miracles, back in 1989, I had no idea how to meditate.  I only knew that I needed help, I was anxious, depressed and the Course lessons told me what to do, so I followed the instructions.

  • You need motivation:  I wanted peace, I wanted to be free of fear, so the motivation was already in place.  I was seriously in need of peace because I had been depressed for six months and nothing was helping.
  • How much time was required?  Five minutes in the morning, and five minutes at night.  No big time investment here…and yet, within a few months, I was feeling much happier and much less depressed and very confident that I could do this Course.

How to begin to practice A Course In Miracles Lessons:

  1. So, first, just read the lesson, it’s okay if you don’t understand it.  Really.  It’s not important at this stage.
  2. Follow the instructions, do the mind searching for 5 minutes.
  3. Write down the title of the lesson and take it with you on a sticky note or card to repeat throughout the day. Your subconscious mind will hear it every time you repeat the thought to yourself.   This is how you change your mind, one day at a time, one thought at a time.


The Course itself is undoing your thought patterns that create fear, anxiety and depression.  It will work if you spend the five to ten minutes per day. Also, as with learning an instrument, the more you practice, the better the results.  So, within a few months I spent probably more than the 10 minutes per day.  I had a lot of motivation, since depression and anxiety were so prevalent in my experience.

As a musician I knew that a few minutes of practice each day became exponential over time and that a scale I couldn’t play yesterday, after working on it for a little while, the next day I could master it without a problem. How?  It is how your brain learns.

Within a few months, I experience changes within myself, I was calmer, I had more hope, more lightness in my mind.  This gave me more confidence and ignited my personal desire to do the Course, I liked how I felt and I liked knowing that my life had a purpose and a structure to it.

Key:  Repetition makes reinforcement.  Results encourage more practice. 

The key to happiness is simply repeating these thoughts that retrain your mind to think differently.  When you begin to feel better, you will have more motivation.  Yes, keep it up and don’t get discouraged if you aren’t completely fearless right away.

Key: This is a universal course in the awakening of your mind that is designed to save you time. 

It’s all laid out for you, you just have to repeat the lesson to yourself…each one can be your personal mantra for the day.  Just try it and see how you feel.

To find out more on how to get additional support with this process, check out the Healing Sessions page as well as the ACIM Classes page.

More to come on this subject.




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The Zen of Yogi Berra

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”  Yogi Berra

How true this statement is.  It seems obvious, but how many people just go through each day without an idea of where they are heading and end up somewhere “else”. And the somewhere else, is where you end up if you don’t have an idea of what you want.  You might be floundering, with thoughts of doubt, fear and uncertainty pervading your mind.

The Course in Miracle Lesson “The Power of Decision is My Own” comes to mind. I have to decide, to choose to be happy in order to put and end to the thoughts of disempowerment. The fear, guilt and incessant questioning everything is my own attack upon myself.  It doesn’t make me happy.

Today while driving I heard a voice say, “just see yourself where you truly want to be. And then collapse all the time between now and having it come true”.

Immediately I felt uncertain because I didn’t really know what I wanted in that moment, or I didn’t think I did.  Here are three steps I use to get clear and focused on where I am heading.

  1. What do I really want?  I have to go into my heart to find out.  I have to explore my deepest desire right now.  I only know I want to be truly happy.  And if I am not focused on that idea, I am at the whim of circumstance, right? Because every moment I am getting the result of my thoughts.
  2. I know I want happiness, so I just ask:  what do I need to do to be really happy today?  See what comes.  If you feel resistance, just allow that too. Happiness is not a future state…it only can be experienced right now.
  3. Now I ask for a real vision of being totally happy, and begin to see it in my mind’s eye:   I am walking on the beach, or sitting in a cafe, teaching a group, giving a treatment, or healing someone, or just being alone.  It could be absolutely anything and for you it is personal.  I know I am happiest when I extend and help free someone to be more joyful, empowered and peaceful.
  4. OK, now just let go of “how” it will happen, because that’s not your job.  Your job is to ask to be happy and to release the need to work it out.  Most days are just wonderful when you get out of the way and allow God to show up in ways you had nothing to say about.

Here’s whats been happening since I started doing this:

I am now living in Maine and staying a while on the beach with my brother and attending great yoga classes at this new center in Portland where I am opening a healing practice. I am really enjoying how everything is opening up and falling into place.  I ran into a dear friend from Wisconsin at a cafe in Southern Maine the other day, and she invited me to a church service where I met lots of people like me… it just keeps getting better and better.

Hope this helps you find out where you are going today.  Cause you don’t want to end up somewhere else. You deserve better.  Yogi thinks so too, check out his book:




How to create your new life in 8 steps

OK, so when life throws a big challenge your way, such as a break up of a marriage, (which is just what I went through in the past two months), there are some things to do to keep your head above water.

After my husband announced he wanted to split up, I went through very intense emotions and then realized I simply had to accept this challenge.  How?  Well, this is what is helping the most:

  1. Focus on me.  Be clear about what I want, because my life’s goals are not dependent upon anyone else.  Period.  I was amazed at this, because the relationship seemed to be important to me and I was so centered on being together.
  2. Let go of trying to make anything work.  Stay in the moment and allow the rug to be pulled out from under me so much that I would not be able to land in any familiar territory.  Use the experience to grow!
  3. When anger and indignation arise, allow it, and feel it totally.  Then ask for help to see it differently. The ego mind wants to justify its pain, but you deserve better.
  4. Watch my thoughts and pay attention to the voice inside my head.  I have the mind training of the Course in Miracles deeply embedded in my mind and every lesson helps me.  Always and in all circumstances.  Here’s an important one:  I can give up this world I see, (my perception of it), by giving up attack thoughts. Letting my attack thoughts go made me see that I need love now, and attack thoughts do not feel like love.
  5. Ask for help from absolutely everyone I know.  I told them the truth and what happened was so miraculous.  I got money, a place to live, and moved to my home state within 6 weeks. This was not my plan, but once I arrived, I began to realize that I feel absolutely myself here.  The familiar setting, the lakes, the ocean, the mountains and especially the familiar faces all soothe my soul.
  6. Keep open to new ideas and possibilities. I still don’t have work, but I feel confident that I will be led to the exact right place where I can be most helpful.  I don’t know what that looks like yet, so I focus on the feeling of being useful and happy with the work I am doing.  Everyone around me has some great ideas and each one is something I will stay open to and explore.
  7. Keep the faith that God is perfectly seeing me through every aspect of this change. I am taking time off from a very busy life and finally getting some down time.  This is important to let myself heal, to give myself time to open up and allow my beliefs about my life, who I am, and what I want to shift right now.  I don’t have to have the answers.  They come one day at a time.
  8. Follow my heart and trust.  Ask for the guidance to come through in obvious ways so I don’t miss anything.  I visualize myself really happy and then notice what I’m doing.  Happiness is a state of mind and I can feel that at any given moment.  It isn’t about what I am doing, it is about me accepting and loving myself right now exactly as I am. Even with all my insecurities and uncertainties.

Hope this helps you as much as it is me right now!


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5 Steps to Change your Beliefs

If you want to know what your beliefs are, listen to how you talk to yourself all day long.  How does that barrage of thoughts make you feel?  If it makes you feel bad, you are about to open to a new way of living where you choose to feel good and think those thoughts that align with feeling good and feeling happy.  A belief is only a thought you continue to think, something you either have experienced as true for you, or you accepted it from someone else.

Beliefs can be changed instantly. How?

  1. Decide you want a different belief, one more in alignment with the power and will of your inner being of love.
  2. Read a lesson from A Course in Miracles. This presents a new idea for you to embrace and accept.  For example, God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.
  3. Practice the idea throughout the day.  On the hour, on the half hour.  Write it down.  Repeat it whenever anything upsets you.
  4. Imagine how you would feel knowing that this new idea is actually true: For example:  I am the light of the world. How would that feel if it were really your experience.
  5. Accept it, walk around feeling how it feels within your body.  Tell everyone you meet the same lesson silently throughout the day:  For example:  You are the light of the world. There is nothing your holiness cannot do.

There are 365 lessons in the mind training of A Course in Miracles.  Each of these thoughts allows you to change from victim to the powerful creator that you are. The goal of the Course is joy and peace.  A peace that cannot be shaken by anything that happens to you in the dream.

This may astound you to know that you have all power and can heal anything, be anything, accomplish anything you want.  It is a far cry from being trapped in a victim dream.  And we want you to realize that when you decide you want to dream another dream, the universe responds and gives you this new song to sing.  You simply have to get excited about it, become joyful with the possibility of what you could do or be.  Then you can start to imagine yourself doing all sorts of wonderful things with your life, with your friends and family.

You can imagine yourself in any way that you choose. Isn’t that so?  Your imagination has no limits.

Try it.  Love is all around you and is within you.  So imagine that light within you growing into a flow of energy from crown to tailbone and out the bottom of your feet.  Feel it, energize it and accept it as true.

This 25 minute healing meditation can be found here and on the right column on this blog home page, it will guide you to experience more peace, more joy and more forgiveness. It heals mind and body, by directing light energy using the breath and release of emotions.


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Healing is release from fear. The certainty that fear is not real is the premise upon which all healing rests. The one thing you never want to do is relinquish fear entirely because then, you, as you have constructed yourself, wouldn’t exist.

You can’t really let go of fear, you can recognize that you made it up and then it ceases to trouble you. Because if you made up fear, you can decide not to believe in it. You can literally dissolve the error where it began. Because you think it happens TO YOU, you think you are a victim of fear. But when you accept that you are the cause, you have a solution to the problem. A REAL solution.

Do you like being at the whim of your emotions and other people’s emotions? This is where you can truly exercise your power of mind. You do not have to listen to fear thoughts. They don’t help you. They hinder you. They make you blind, deaf and dumb.

Listen to the still small voice within you that is always there underneath the machinations of egoic thinking. It is reminding you of YOU, of your reality, of the unceasing love that you are. Of course you have forgotten this, but it isn’t possible that you could drown it out with your fear thoughts forever. Because the truth is you are not your fears. You are something completely different.

I recently gave up the idea of having an external source of inspiration. I have found that it is a trap. The inspiration or revelation is constantly occurring within me. I often have my NOW covered over with fear, so I can’t hear it. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

Perhaps a brother can help you see something you can’t. But be sure you are asking the right question. Self-doubt is very insistent and a loving brother can sometimes be the thing you need the most. A heart felt response to someone in pain is the antidote. Fear can be overcome. Resentment is overcome by looking at it, uncovering the fear underneath, and asking for help. That is why the 12 Step Program is miraculous and really works. The 5th Step is a holy encounter with a brother who is willing to sit and listen to your inventory and hold the space for your recovery. It is a holy relationship.

That is why surrender is key and defenselessness works. But you won’t realize this until you have admitted defeat. I don’t know how that will happen to you, but I do know that when you really want a new experience, you will have it. Love is certain, fear is nothing. There is nothing in between. The healing power of love is beyond belief and beyond this world.

Does this help you?

All healing is a release of judgment and fear. Fear of loving yourself and your brother so totally that you forget the separation entirely.

It isn’t easy, but once you have the peace that comes from knowing who you are, and that you aren’t the sum of your fears or your resentments, this pearl worth any price, dawns upon you and you won’t care how you found it. Love is literally all there is. Everything is pointing to it, is resolving in it.

Defenselessness is the only requirement. Come with an open mind to have a new experience. Something you have perhaps dreamed of, but didn’t believe was possible.

Jesus taught “resist not evil”. Be defenseless. Find those blocks, see them for what they are, then the miracle can occur and you will discover that your mind is what love is and even death cannot obliterate it.

I love you


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What is A Course in Miracles?

Someone asked me to write an introduction to the Course. Well, here it is:

Introduction to A Course in Miracles

What is A Course in Miracles? It has been called a spiritual psychology, a spiritual mind training and a self-study course. It has no doctrine and no theology because it is designed to bring about a personal experience of conscious contact with God. It awakens the individual to a new thought system, one of enlightenment and freedom. It uses Christian vernacular yet has been compared with esoteric teachings. The author is Jesus of Nazareth. His voice is unmistakably very comforting to the reader.

When the Course speaks to you it has an immediate personal effect as you do the lessons. It opens up a new alternative that changes your thinking fundamentally. It goes beyond concepts, theology, religion and beliefs. It’s purpose is to free you from the perception of separation from God to Oneness with God. This is its only purpose. There isn’t any real problem, but you think there is, therefore, you need a solution.

The Course is a path of true healing and awakening that affects you on your deepest level. It can be helpful to anyone willing to take the time to try it and experience something different. It requires faith in something greater than your perception of yourself. It’s sole purpose is to free you from your self-imposed exile from Heaven and give you, through acts of forgiveness, your true inheritance.

I came to the Course after a period of deep depression, desperate, confused and not understanding why my anxiety would not go away with psychotherapy or hypnosis. No one seemed to know how the mind actually works or where fear comes from. That was deeply upsetting.

The Course answered these fundamental psychological questions like who am I and why am I here? Most importantly, the mind training shows me that fear isn’t real and can be released with the recognition that I made it up. It is a simple matter of constant surrender to God that brings true peace. It is a deeply personal experience that is universal. A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.

Jesus began speaking directly to me when I found it. I was so frightened by the certainty of his voice. But because he immediately began to give me guidance, I began to trust this voice inside me. I had no choice. It was that or nothing, sickness or death. I needed the answer. This voice began to encourage me to start teaching the Course publicly. I didn’t want to do this, I was terrified of speaking in public, but I could not deny him.

To teach the Course, you simply offer what it says and let it do the healing. Your personal story of awakening is always helpful. The Course is simple and easily undertaken by anyone who wants true peace and happiness. The systematic mind training of the Workbook is thorough and direct. It is designed to undo fear and ignite a personal spiritual awakening. It states that it is a celestial speedup. This means it will save you time.

I know from experience that the Course increases frequency into illumination. There are greater states of evolution beyond this Earth plane. In the first year of reading the Course, I experienced a recognition of the unity of teachings of enlightenment from all spiritual paths. Indeed, truth is true and nothing else is true.

People come to the Course from all religions and no religion. It doesn’t matter what your past beliefs or convictions are, because it is always giving you more than your past experience. You will most likely love it, hate it, deny it and run from it. It will lead you into your own denial and fear and then relieve you of it. Transformation is a relinquishment of your ideas of God, time, space, bodies, good, evil, sickness, pain, birth and death.

You don’t have to believe what the Course says, but it is helpful to be willing to let your beliefs be challenged and your thought system changed. It will confront you on a very fundamental level because it is an undoing of the self-constructed human condition of limited consciousness which constitutes you as a closed thought system.

Enlightenment is an experience, not a doctrine. Light comes into your mind when you open up to a new experience of yourself. You surrender and let go of conflict of your self-constructed egoic identity so that you can let go and find true peace. Peace is its goal. It is beyond your idea of peace. There is nothing required of you that you have this experience. In truth, you can do nothing. The mind training does everything for you. Just be open, have faith and be willing to have a new experience.

This is an uncompromising offering of a present state of total happiness that is beyond your concepts of good and evil, life and death. It is found within you because that is where you must go to release fear and to accept that love is what you are.

The introduction states that “free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Monica Dubay
Wisconsin Dells, 2012

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Freedom From Fear – The Power of Now

My daily practice consists of the mind training of A Course in Miracles. This is an on-going practice of relinquishment of self-identity through the workbook lessons brilliantly organized by the author.

In Eckart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, he describes the mind that is ego. He also makes you stop and look at your own thought processes which keep you bound to ego mind. The most helpful thing I found with this book was that you had to not just read it, but become aware of the thoughts of ego mind and realize that this is your entire problem. The mind in separation, the pain body, all this is helpful to look at and think about. Several times he refers to A Course in Miracles, but doesn’t expound on it. It is a wonderful book and confronts you with the real problem of human existence at this time, This requires something more than a theory or a way to look at things in a different way. You need something that will completely change the way you think entirely. It is time we really take a look at the Course in Miracles and see that the blueprint for the awakeninng human consciousness is now here and is working perfectly.

Why do you need the workbook of A Course in Miracles?
Without a mind training, the ego mind continues to observe itself and project its own misidentity onto the “external” world. An idea never leaves its source, so the source, the ego mind, which is you, needs to be annihilated. This means you have to be completely undone. You have to awaken from this dream of separation. It isn’t a doing, it’s really an undoing. Observation is not the answer, more theories about enlightenment are not really helpful. Release is. Why? Because enlightenment is not a change at all. Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is all conditional. It is your whole mind which is part of a divine, loving Creator Who knows not of your silly dream. In truth, YOU are IT, and IT is not lost. It is what you are! But do you experience it? Or are you still caught in the dream trying to find your way out?

The fact is, you need an alternative to the dream that you made up. And it is right here.

How does it work? The Course lessons are designed to facilitate the release or your self-identity: through surrender, relinquishment, and letting go. First you must stop judging, stop blaming and take total responsibility for your own thoughts. I have been in the practice of these daily lessons for many years. Each day the course suggests you look within, find the thoughts that keep you bound to fear, and practice a new idea. What happens is that the Mind that you share with God becomes more real to you than the ego mind. Over time, you start to laugh at how ridiculous it is to be afraid when love and light are all around you, and in fact, what you are! It is a miraculous occurrence, and therefore, is a true Mind training that frees you from fear. It amazes me that it is still not widely known as a true path to enlightenment.

If you really take the time to look within and find those thoughts that keep you suffering and in pain, you then have an opportunity to become aware of the fear underlying this pain. But becoming aware of it wasn’t my problem, I knew I was afraid, and I wanted it to go away!

Why so much fear? Why depression? This is what brought me to the Course, I couldn’t find the answer to the question: Why am I so afraid? Psychologists couldn’t help me, hypnosis couldn’t help me. I found, to my astonishment, no one knew how the mind works. Even the academics know that we still know very little about the mind. This was stated recently in a lovely documentary called Spiritual Revolution. Which also did not include people doing the mind training of A Course in Miracles, strangely enough.

When I opened the Text of A Course in Miracles way back in 1989, the explanation, although written in religious terminology, was very clear and very simple: You think you are separate from your Creator and this has made you very fearful. You made up this idea, or illusion of a separate state and you think it is real. Your entire world revolves around this one central idea and luckily for you, you are mistaken. You are asleep in a dream. There is a way out, but you must awaken to the truth by letting go of all you made up. One idea after another. Luckily, there is a proven method involved which requires the simple discipline of doing one lesson per day. Then you apply this lesson to everything that happens during that day.

The action of relinquishment is a practice and yet, it happens in spite of you. In my experience, the mind is very devious. You may decide you want to become enlightened, and even dedicate yourself to a practice which brings you into quiet every day. However, without a mind training which releases the thoughts of judgment, fear and attack, you are still observing a mind that is afraid. What is the point? Without the miracle, there is no hope. So, luckily, the Course is here and is aimed at saving you time. You don’t have to sit for long periods contemplating ideas, watching thoughts without a solution. This is mind wandering. And you are much too tolerant of mind wandering!

Lesson 7, which is key, states “I see only the past”. This is amazing when you really get it experientially. Every thought you think is about the past. And the only thing keeping you from experiencing this present moment is this preoccupation with your past. AND IT IS OVER. Isn’t that weird?

That is why you are in pain. Your painful thoughts about the past is what makes up your self-identity. It isn’t even there! It is already gone. But you maintain it with your insistence that it is still happening. Who would you be without it? Ask yourself this question. Every day. Every moment.

You see, for me, it has to be practical. I want to feel it, know it on a gut level. I need to feel and know that fear is not real. It isn’t there. Lesson 6 is “I am upset because I see something that is NOT THERE.” Practice that all day long and see what happens.

This brings me instantly into a state of mind where only now exists. The light dawns upon me. There is so much support around me that gives me this glimpse into reality. Which is heaven, which is love, and it is what I am. God didn’t abandon me! I am HOME right here and NOW.

More later…thank God!