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Now offering Energy Upgrades

The Higher Realms

Many people who come to me are healers, who are seeking an upgrade to current energy healing modalities.  I use the Marconics Energy Recalibration to do this, which is a 5th Dimensional upgrade that realigns you with the higher frequency of light that you have been seeking.  You will receive an integration of aspects of your higher self into the body which carries a much higher vibrational frequency. This new energy arrived in late 2012 and is assisting with ascension and spiritual awakening.

The realignment offers an uncapping of the 3rd Dimensional chakra system, and an integration of new frequencies coming from 5th Dimension and higher.

After a Recalibration, the new frequencies now streaming into your body/mind makes everything flow much easier, as you connect to your highest purpose and fulfill your mission.

I have found that the stars seem to line up to find my soul group, those who I am meant to serve. Miracles happen more frequently and people show up in strange ways, and I feel a connection and a new awareness that we have been together before.

Relationships become more harmonious as I realize I share the planet with many loving beings who want to assist me and in turn can assist them in realizing their purpose or potential.

The new frequency has changed me.  I no longer worry.  If fear arises, I give it no energy.  I may need to clear a belief, to release the attachment to the fear that no longer serves me and it’s almost effortless to do so.

I feel connected, and my body is a highly tuned instrument through which I communicate with others who share my enthusiasm for this new way of being.  The paradigm has shifted.

This is what you can expect to receive:

Once reconnected to the higher realms, you become a ‘Negative Ionic Generator’. You sustain the level attained and continue to go higher. As well as preparing for your own Shift/Ascension, you are also anchoring Marconic Light Frequencies to the Planetary grid below your feet, helping to prepare the Earth for her Ascension.

The experience of love takes over your consciousness.  You love all of creation, your Creator, yourself and all of humanity as you embark upon your journey to the higher realms.  You realize that every single thing that has happened to you has served you in some way on your journey.

You are immensely grateful for all of it.

If this interests you, I encourage you to contact me to schedule a Marconics Recalibration.  We can discuss all the particulars.

To schedule a session, please see my website:

Love and light!



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The Zen of Yogi Berra

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”  Yogi Berra

How true this statement is.  It seems obvious, but how many people just go through each day without an idea of where they are heading and end up somewhere “else”. And the somewhere else, is where you end up if you don’t have an idea of what you want.  You might be floundering, with thoughts of doubt, fear and uncertainty pervading your mind.

The Course in Miracle Lesson “The Power of Decision is My Own” comes to mind. I have to decide, to choose to be happy in order to put and end to the thoughts of disempowerment. The fear, guilt and incessant questioning everything is my own attack upon myself.  It doesn’t make me happy.

Today while driving I heard a voice say, “just see yourself where you truly want to be. And then collapse all the time between now and having it come true”.

Immediately I felt uncertain because I didn’t really know what I wanted in that moment, or I didn’t think I did.  Here are three steps I use to get clear and focused on where I am heading.

  1. What do I really want?  I have to go into my heart to find out.  I have to explore my deepest desire right now.  I only know I want to be truly happy.  And if I am not focused on that idea, I am at the whim of circumstance, right? Because every moment I am getting the result of my thoughts.
  2. I know I want happiness, so I just ask:  what do I need to do to be really happy today?  See what comes.  If you feel resistance, just allow that too. Happiness is not a future state…it only can be experienced right now.
  3. Now I ask for a real vision of being totally happy, and begin to see it in my mind’s eye:   I am walking on the beach, or sitting in a cafe, teaching a group, giving a treatment, or healing someone, or just being alone.  It could be absolutely anything and for you it is personal.  I know I am happiest when I extend and help free someone to be more joyful, empowered and peaceful.
  4. OK, now just let go of “how” it will happen, because that’s not your job.  Your job is to ask to be happy and to release the need to work it out.  Most days are just wonderful when you get out of the way and allow God to show up in ways you had nothing to say about.

Here’s whats been happening since I started doing this:

I am now living in Maine and staying a while on the beach with my brother and attending great yoga classes at this new center in Portland where I am opening a healing practice. I am really enjoying how everything is opening up and falling into place.  I ran into a dear friend from Wisconsin at a cafe in Southern Maine the other day, and she invited me to a church service where I met lots of people like me… it just keeps getting better and better.

Hope this helps you find out where you are going today.  Cause you don’t want to end up somewhere else. You deserve better.  Yogi thinks so too, check out his book:



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Can’t meditate? Here’s help.

I just wanted to announce I have added this link to a 25 minute healing audio FREE that you will find permanently on the right column under my picture. Just click on this link from your laptop, phone or device.  .

Why would you want to do this?  To relax, release, to be healed, to practice forgiveness, to connect with your Self and experience grounding energy.

I suggest you set aside the full 25 minutes to listen and relax. Turn off everything and let go of the busy world for this short period.

The intention of this audio meditation is to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  It is easy to follow especially for those people who feel they cannot meditate, or calm down.

It takes just 25 minutes to have a new experience of yourself and become free of fear, guilt, anger, shame, and to be in the light of your own Being.


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If you’ve never done the Course, Start Here

If you have never done the Course in Miracles mind training, start here.  This is what you need to do to begin:

  1. Get a copy of the Course in Miracles book, or read it online  You must have a copy, or read the original Urtext version at  The Workbook is the mind training, the Text outlines the basic principles.  It’s all included in one book which you can get at or Barnes and Noble.
  2. Read the first 50 lessons, one per day. Don’t skip them, don’t jump around,  just read them one per day, and do as it instructs and move onto the next the following day.
  3. How long does it take?  This takes about 5 – 10 minutes in the morning and again before you go to sleep.  Nothing will occur if you don’t make a commitment to this time requirement. Gradually, more time is asked but it is up to you how much time you devote to this.
  4. Notice what changes.  Do you feel different during or after reading the lesson?  Notice how you feel after four weeks, see what changed for you or how you feel about yourself.  Perhaps you aren’t as easy to be angered, or are less inclined to judge others.  Miracles happen all the time with or without your awareness of them

Common Barriers and Pitfalls

When you begin a new course, there will be certain pitfalls that tempt you to give up too soon and quit before you realize the goal.  You might encounter great resistance, yet if you just continue, it won’t matter, even if you actively resist the ideas presented in the lessons. Reasons to stop might include:

  • I don’t understand what I’m reading.   It’s OK if you don’t “get it”. The Workbook is brilliantly designed to take you from one idea to the next, which is an important systematic approach for the human mind.  Don’t try to understand everything at first. The lessons are not working with your intellect, but with your “right brain”, or the part of your mind that is visual and intuitive, and does not analyze. It experiences, feels and receives information without judgment.  The change of mind occurs in spite of your need to “figure it out”.
  • I don’t have time, I’m too distracted.  OK. So, just do the lesson and search your mind as it directs you to do.  Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t getting it.  It will work anyway.
  • My mind has incessant fear thoughts, I am constantly worried.  All the more reason to do this mind training, to retrain your brain to think differently.  Fear is not actually real, you are making it up.  YOU CAN STOP.
  • I don’t understand today’s lesson.  No problem, I didn’t understand them either when I began.  This is because the lesson is so different from how you think now. Do it anyway.
  • Am I being brainwashed?  The ideas presented I don’t agree with.  That’s fine. You aren’t supposed to agree or disagree, just do the lesson.  Do you want to be free of fear?  Do you know how to get there?  If so, you would be free of fear right now and would not need this mind training.
  • I can’t meditate.  This is not a problem.  The Course is aimed at saving you time, you don’t have to meditate at all.  Just do the lesson and see how you feel. Notice what you notice and see if any change occurs within you.
  • What is a miracle anyway?  A miracle is a shift or change in your perception, a correction of erroneous thinking.  Read the first chapter of the Text, the 50 miracle principles for a description of miracles.
  • I want to just jump around and read whatever grabs me.  Fine but you will not progress with ease.  The lessons are systematically designed for minds like you that can’t follow simple instructions and want to do it your way.  It won’t work for you.  If you were learning an instrument, you would learn to read a few notes before you went on to a major scale.  Then after you master the scale, you go on to the minor scales.  So, don’t try to be your own teacher, you will fail.
  • I don’t think this is for me.  Who else is it for?  You have the book in your hand. It is a sure sign that it IS for you. What do you have to lose?
  • Why is it in Christian terminology? The author is Jesus.  He has written this Course for you to clear up misunderstandings and misinterpretations that have gone down through the last 2000 years.  Jesus is the guide and other Masters were involved, or so it seems.
  • Do I have to believe in the author?  No.  This is not about belief, it is about wanting to become free of fear, guilt and pain.  Then you will find yourself in a totally different state of mind, without knowing how it happened.
  • Can I become enlightened, truly free of fear forever?.  Yes, if that is your desire, you have all power, so you will be undone and the Divine Love of the universe will free you. But you have to do your part.  No one can do it for you.
  • Do I have free will?  Absolutely.  This is a Course that opens up your creative powers and frees you to become fearless, guiltless, doubtless and perfectly happy. You will find out who you really are, which is freedom itself.
  • What is the goal anyway?  The goal of the Course is peace, deep abiding, perfect peace.  This is not understandable to the human mind.  So, your doubts are part of what needs to be undone.


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Why do you do the Course?

I wanted to ask my readers who they are and what they are looking for, if they read the Course, or not and why. Do you seek spiritual guidance on the net? Where do you usually find it?

I think that most people looking for spiritual guidance are like I was a few years back, 1990s to be exact. I remember feeling lost and confused, and seeking some help. I had been reading the Course for several years, even teaching it in small groups, but I wanted more, I wanted to connect and to know there were other people like me. I felt very alone most of the time and I didn’t feel that people around me were necessarily on a similar path. I needed a sense of community so that my experiences of spiritual growth could be shared.

I would like to alleviate some of that loneliness and start a community of like-minded people seeking true freedom.

I have been thinking that you, the reader may want to do a program such as the Course but are dismayed by the size of the book and want to understand the basic ideas behind it. You may be overwhelmed and not sure about how the Course could help you. Perhaps you have studied it for a while but feel that you need some deeper understanding of the principles and ideas.

Please respond with your answer to the following:

1. Why read a blog about A Course in Miracles? What are you looking for?
2. Do you do the lessons? If so, what is your ultimate goal in reading the lessons? If not, why not? Do they intimidate you in any way?
3. Would you be interested in a 12 week course on the Course?

I am deeply interested in you and want to open up a dialogue so that we can begin to help each other.

Please email me or comment below with your answers. I so appreciate it as this will help me to focus more on what you want from this masterpiece we call A Course in Miracles.



Why have faith?

Man is a faithful animal, but what does he put his faith in?

Faith means that in spite of the situation you are in and the doubts you are thinking, and the fears you harbor, you have a belief that there is a bigger thing going on. I want to energize this some more because without faith, there is only the current reality which usually means it lacks something. Health, wealth, happiness, enlightenment, freedom from fear, maybe it just isn’t there right now.

The desire for something not seen is important because if you never desired a different experience, you would stay where you are right now, and your current reality may not be satisfying you. It all depends upon your perception of where you find yourself. And if that is okay with you, you have no more need to expand or grow, then great. But if you do want to experience more joy, more love and more freedom of mind, then you have to be willing to have faith that it is possible.

Yet is faith only a wish for a future outcome? When Jesus healed the woman who touched his garment, he said, “by your faith are you healed”. It seems to me he was praising her for believing in him and in his God-given power of healing. Faith healing is a powerful thing and happens all the time. It could happen at any moment, even to you! The fact is that she believed it was possible, certain even, so she was healed.

Faith is a belief in something possible that is not currently in your experience. It is the idea that first of all, you don’t see everything, you’re little eyes are myopic and your ears don’t hear the truth, they are distracted by the sounds of the world. So you don’t have the big picture, but you may have faith that there is a divine plan, that everything is possible, that miracles are possible.

All possibilities means that you have all power to decide what you want, and if you believe it, and have total faith in it, it has to occur. Why? Because you are a creator. You have the power to decide what you want to experience. Nothing can deny you, except what? You’re own disbelief, your own doubt. It kills faith and it kills your dream of awakening to perfect peace and happiness, if you don’t believe that it is possible.

No one can stop you from thinking thoughts of lack or doubt. Indeed, that is the crux of the problem you have had for a very long time. No one can deny you the thoughts you are making up and you always, always get the result of them every time.

So, faith is important and without it you’re dead, or alone, or suffering some kind of lack. Faith energizes the idea that all possibilities exist, because in God, all things are possible. Your knowing that all is well and your confidence that things are working out and only good can come to you, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A happy person brings light and blessings to everyone she meets. An unhappy person brings you down. When someone lacks faith in God or in the idea that something will work out, then there isn’t much hope for them. And of course they get the result, nothing good does come to them. Again, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The thing to remember is that the power of your mind is always presenting you with the outcome of the thoughts you are thinking. Period. You always can decide to see it differently because you do have all power to change your mind and therefore your experience.

So faith in God, in goodness, in love and in the fact that there are light beings all around you encouraging you to make the choice for more love, for forgiveness, for healing, for giving to others, for putting their happiness before yours, is required. The requirement is that you be willing to entertain the possibility of a divine plan, which means you do get to have and be all that you desire. Because you already are, whether you know it or not.

But if you still want something, be clear about your desire, think about it, focus on it, and well, even if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t give up! Happiness doesn’t come from doubt or disappointment.

It will come after you have released all your doubt, all your resistance to these good experiences coming to you and to your friends too. Faith is knowing it is possible for only good to come and expecting the miracle, the correction of falsity, of your doubt. It is also about not knowing how and not worrying about the specifics of the outcome, and still being willing to allow it to occur. Simply accept that God has a better plan than you. Accept your part in His plan and take no other. And stop trying to tell Him how to make it happen. When I simply let God show me what I am to do today, where I am to go, what I am to say and to whom, I am free. Life simply unfolds perfectly without my resistance. So, even if you are in pain, don’t resist it. Just be there, be present and surrender.

Faith in God, the Creator of the Universe, at the very least, will bring you hope rather than doubt. It feels better in the moment that you think: I know it’s possible. I don’t know how it will work out, but I believe it will. Get excited about it! Your happiness is coming to you right now in ways you can’t even imagine.

When I think I am not where I want to be, I suffer. When I accept that its all perfect and I am in the right place at the right time, I feel great! Everything is working out in spite of me. Happiness is not earned, it is recognized and accepted. You could be happy right now if you would just decide to be, even if you’re depressed, be totally depressed. Allow it to bring you to the bottom, the crux of the problem, which is you.

Be grateful that it already did work out. See it, feel it, allow yourself to revel in the idea. The fix is in. The fact is that you are whole and perfect as God created you. All your pitiful doubts and denial ever did was keep you in fear. Haven’t you had enough? It is exhausting to be in competition with God, especially since God has already saved you from your dream of death. When will you accept it? When will you awaken to the idea that it is accomplished?

The Course is very clear on this, that your whole problem is that you never question the reality of your problem. You insist on it and never experience that it has already been resolved for you. Have faith, faith that it is possible because if you did, just for an instant, you would be free.

“Only say the word, and I will be healed!”


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You are a creator

You are a creator

Perhaps it is time for you to open to a new possibility that you are a creator, a Son of the Creator with creative abilities. These abilities you begin to utilize to free yourself from the victim dream. This dream is a sad dream where you are caught in beliefs that do not make you happy. And when you are not happy, you are not free and you feel bad. Now, the idea that you can free yourself from the victim dream and come into the powerful being and creator that you are can be very exciting, because it energizes the fact that who you are is not a victim. Which is actually true.

You are all powerful, the question becomes what to do with the power you find within you. You can choose to have more love and more happiness and you can choose to exercise a lot more freedom of mind. You have the power to choose what to do with your freedom of mind. But until you have this idea firmly fixed in your mind, you will not believe it. It’s okay to take a little time to give up this dream of victimization. Your mind will change because it is always changing and the light of you is energized and excited by the possibility of this fundamental change that we want to bring about in you.

You will be undone when you decide that you want to be undone. It is an undoing of the very concepts and beliefs that you hold so dearly about yourself and this is the most exciting journey you could take. The fundamental teaching is that the Creator is unlimited, therefore, being an offspring of the Creator, you are unlimited. Yet you don’t know that now, so you have to admit there is something for you to learn.

Your thoughts are the problem

If you want to know what your beliefs are, listen to how you talk to yourself all day long. How does that barrage of thoughts make you feel? If it makes you feel bad, you are about to open to a new way of living where you choose to feel good, and think those thoughts that align with feeling good. A belief is only a thought you continue to think. It can be changed instantly. How? Decide you want a different thought.

So the question is what is it you want to create?

This may astound you to know that you have all power and can heal anything, be anything, do anything you want. It is a far cry from being trapped in a victim dream. And we want you to realize that when you decide you want to sing another song or dream another dream, the universe responds and gives you this new song to sing. You simply have to tap into it, get excited about it, become joyful with the possibility of what you could do or be. Then you can start to imagine yourself doing all sorts of wonderful things with your time and your money and your friends and family. You can imagine yourself in any way that you choose. Isn’t that so? Try it.

So who do you want to be? Who are you now? Who are you without your victim story?

Take into consideration that you may have come here to this world with an idea that you wanted to experience yourself in a giving, loving extension of yourself. You may not realize that you agreed to come here to expand yourself even more and find that you are bigger and better and more amazing than you imagined yourself to be. You have gifts to give and you must give them or you feel small. And you feel that you somehow have missed your chance at figuring out the whole purpose of the dream. And you tell yourself that you can’t, you’re just you, a person from whatever town in a big country full of people and you are just another person with limitations and problems and not enough…well you fill in the blank.

This story is old and tired and has never helped you to experience yourself beyond littleness and lack. The reason that you tell yourself this story over and over is because you haven’t found the one thing that would help you change it. You can change the story, yet you have to want to write a new story and be brave enough to live it. A story of new found riches, of new found glory, of your joyful Self as the whole, perfect you that the Creator created. You are something so far beyond your little bodily conception of yourself that you are not able to imagine it yet. And yet, you have the ability to create anything you want. You can have anything, but first you must find out who you really are.

Mind Training

To awaken from the victim dream, you must train your mind to think differently and see everything differently. Because once you have found that you can see everything differently, you become different, everything you think about is different and is vibrating at the frequency of more and more love. Because it already is, but you were not aware of it, and now you can feel the change, viscerally, cellularly within you.

Your mind changes when you decide you want to experience more of you.

Ask yourself : Can you remember deep within yourself what you wanted to experience by coming into this plane of existence? Do you want love? Do you want unlimited love to flow through you? Because if that is true, you will energize this idea and find that the flow of love is something you cannot control, once you tap into it, you feel great and everything seems possible. Because it is.

The key is that you already have all power and you have been using it to tell yourself ideas and concepts that you have learned about yourself from the time you were a child. You have been conditioned to believe a story about yourself that you probably do not like because it makes you unhappy. Or, you have found that the happiness you seek is fleeting, followed by periods of unhappiness and you can’t figure out how to have the happiness without the unhappiness.

So, you accept the idea that you have to have both, unhappiness and happiness and you live your life fearful of the times when the unhappiness will come and overtake you. And will put out your life. Or you live in the unhappiness telling yourself that’s just the way it is. And it is this way for you until you decide you want something else. That happens when it happens, but why not now?

So you keep telling yourself the same thing and you keep experiencing it. Because you are using the power of your creative mind to do this, you continue to experience the same thing. The nature of your creative mind is that every thought has power. There are no neutral thoughts. Your mind says something over and over and before you know it, it’s ingrained into your consciousness so totally that you don’t remember ever feeling that you could be different.

Yet the idea that you would accept this, and live within the beliefs that you have constructed and continue to verify this thought system with your experience is hopefully becoming intolerable to you. If it is becoming intolerable to you, that is wonderful, because it is intolerable for a creative being such as you to accept the falsity that you have no power to change your life.

Because you have all power and the entire thing is happening to you because you don’t realize that you can harness this power and choose to change your mind and dream a different dream. Or wake up entirely from it and enter the universe as an illuminate being of light. Either way, you will be happier and freer and will find that life is full of possibility.

The good news is that you no longer have to struggle, suffer and survive if you have power to change what you experience. You could just be yourself and accept everything exactly as it is right now. No fighting, no striving, no struggle. You could feel differently right now about who you are. I suggest that you do so.
The key is to notice what you are thinking and ask for help to change the fundamental beliefs that hold you and bind you to your littleness.
You can do this at any moment, and the miracle, or the shift in perception occurs, just because you are willing to change your mind and have a new thought. Then, you will feel different. How would it feel if you started to think happy thoughts, delightful thoughts? What if you opened to all possibilities and started to imagine yourself happy and free of the beliefs that used to bind you. Never mind what they were, they are no longer true for you. You can decide to see it all anew. From this moment on.

Behold, I make all things new.

Regardless of your past experience, that is now completely over and this is your new chapter. You are rewriting your story, so imagine that you are now an unlimited being of love and light who chose to come and extend these wonderful gifts that you have been given. You can have more freedom, more love, more light because you want to experience the possibility of not only having, but being all this, regardless of what form it takes. You are the light you extend, you can be this light and experience yourself unlimited, as you learn to release your lack ideas. The littleness or lack was just a false idea, the idea of the separate you. This is where all the falsity stems from, your identification with a separate self lost in a dream. Good news…this is not you.


When you actively take responsibility for the thoughts you are thinking, you change. You become happier and more free because you align with truth. You decide to be happy now and the thoughts and things that resonate with your inner state of happiness come to you effortlessly. You want to choose the thoughts that make you happy, so it is imperative that you begin to think joyful and happy thoughts. Loving, peaceful, joyful thoughts. Imagine yourself all day today thinking only happy thoughts. You will smile all day long and everyone will feel your inner happiness that you are bringing to the world. You will be joyful, and you will feel love for everyone you meet. It will be a miraculous day.

Tell yourself this today: I am infinite love, I am infinite wisdom, I am infinite strength. In me all things are possible because I am a creator. I can create anything I want. Love flows through me effortlessly.

IT may sound simple, but the fact is that what is hard is being out of alignment with who you are. You cannot be happy in a state of separation from God. Period. This takes enormous energy and effort to be in the lost or forgetful state that you find yourself stuck in. Being stuck is not fun. Being free to make a new choice is fun and creative. Because you so desire to have the things you want and be who you are, that you will find it much easier to think these thoughts instead of the complaining that you don’t have it. Every thought, every word you speak gives you exactly what you are experiencing right now. You do have the power to change your mind.

So the whole universe of love is awaiting your return to sanity and to the awareness that although you have been much deceived by the dream, you now are willing and able to dream a happy dream. You can do this by focusing on the possibility of it and imagining what it would look life if you were happy.


Miracles are natural, when they do not occur, something has gone wrong.
A miracle is a shift in perception, from darkness or ignorance, to light and Intelligence that comes from knowing who you are. If you knew that all thoughts have power and there are no neutral thoughts, you would start to become much more aware of the thoughts you are thinking and make more effort to allow those thoughts to change. When you allow you simply get into a flow, where it is natural for a change of mind to occur, as opposed to staying stuck in an idea for years and years maintaining its hold on you. So, isn’t it time that you decide to change your mind and become the being of light that you are? You are a whole and perfect creation of God and until you recognize this, you will never be truly happy.

Body Identity
I am not a body, I am free.

The basic principle of A Course in Miracles resides in this one thought. It means that the you that you think you are, identified as a body on planet Earth with all your problems and perceptions of you and your world around you, are not based in reality or truth. You are living a false idea of yourself, you are therefore caught in a fear dream. But the dream can change, from a dream of a separate existence to a dream of awakening or enlightenment. You do have all power to change your mind and think different thoughts so you can begin to identify with the whole you, the perfect you, the enlightened you. Indeed you must or you are confined to this separate existence which you have been living out for many years and lifetimes. You will never be happy if you continue to identify with this separate you because the fact is, that it isn’t a happy feeling to be separate.

To be in communication with love and to know who you are is actually the only dream worth pursuing ultimately, because it makes you happy to be a communicator. To be in a constant flow of love extending it out into the world to all the people you love and maybe even don’t love. You will begin to realize that not loving isn’t fun either, and you will find a way to forgive those who have hurt you.

Forgiveness is key

Your belief that you are vulnerable to other people’s behavior is not a happy idea either, so forgiveness becomes an imperative that feels better than holding onto resentments and judgment. So you will simply give them all up. You will begin to feel the peace of knowing that you are all powerful and that if you are miracle minded, all possibilities exist and you can choose to experience whatever you choose. This is the nature of the dream.

You have all power, the power of decision is your own.

You may imagine that you are a little being on planet Earth with no reference at all to the you that is whole and perfect and created as God intended you to be. Yet, it is simply up to you to choose, to decide that you want to see this all differently. There is another way to look at everything, right? Perceptions can be changed, so when you exercise this power of decision, you feel different. You get the result of your thoughts every time. This is how your mind actually works. You are not two selves in conflict. You are one self, united with your creator.

The unity of your one self knows perfectly well who it is. It knows what it wants, and it wants to be happy. Just like Jesus said, you must become like little children. They just want to be happy and are happy easily because they have not conditioned themselves to think that being unhappy is normal. Little children love to be happy and free. They are not flowing against the current, so to speak, they are in the flow of life and are unconcerned with details and material things. They simply are.

The question then becomes how to get to that state of being, and all suffering comes from the idea that you cannot reach that state, although you remember it from when you were a child. And the answer is that it isn’t that hard, but you have to want it and you have to start by allowing what is happening or not to change.

When you tell yourself that what is happening to you is terrible and you are stuck, that you can’t find the way out, then that is what you experience. Just begin by telling yourself you are learning something new.

Try this:
I am learning something new and enjoying the experiencing of it. I am opening up, I am releasing the past, I am moving on toward a greater expansion of myself. I am allowing the idea that freedom from fear is possible, freedom from lack is possible, and I am opening to the possibility of a whole new me.
I choose to be in a state of love, I choose to be loved by my Creator, I choose to be happy right here and now. I choose to allow that I am learning a new way to be in the world. I choose to accept that I can be a beacon of love for the world. I choose to be that beacon and to draw the love into my heart from my creator and extend it into the world. I choose to be a conduit for eternal love and life. I choose to accept my natural inheritance as the holy child of God that I am.

My natural inheritance is freedom, is eternal life, is love and I can be this now. I choose to be who I really am right here and now. I want to experience this since it will make me very happy. I now choose to allow everyone to be exactly where they are, and I am choosing to be happy and free. I no longer depend on others for my happiness,
I choose to depend upon my Creator only and to allow that this Source of me knows me perfectly well and this Source wills only my perfect happiness right here and now.

Wouldn’t it be better to tell yourself this than to constantly berate yourself with ideas of littleness and lack. Do you see that right now you are getting the result of every thought you are thinking? Is it really true that you don’t have what you want? Or are you just thinking that?

(to be continued)