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Why have faith?

Man is a faithful animal, but what does he put his faith in?

Faith means that in spite of the situation you are in and the doubts you are thinking, and the fears you harbor, you have a belief that there is a bigger thing going on. I want to energize this some more because without faith, there is only the current reality which usually means it lacks something. Health, wealth, happiness, enlightenment, freedom from fear, maybe it just isn’t there right now.

The desire for something not seen is important because if you never desired a different experience, you would stay where you are right now, and your current reality may not be satisfying you. It all depends upon your perception of where you find yourself. And if that is okay with you, you have no more need to expand or grow, then great. But if you do want to experience more joy, more love and more freedom of mind, then you have to be willing to have faith that it is possible.

Yet is faith only a wish for a future outcome? When Jesus healed the woman who touched his garment, he said, “by your faith are you healed”. It seems to me he was praising her for believing in him and in his God-given power of healing. Faith healing is a powerful thing and happens all the time. It could happen at any moment, even to you! The fact is that she believed it was possible, certain even, so she was healed.

Faith is a belief in something possible that is not currently in your experience. It is the idea that first of all, you don’t see everything, you’re little eyes are myopic and your ears don’t hear the truth, they are distracted by the sounds of the world. So you don’t have the big picture, but you may have faith that there is a divine plan, that everything is possible, that miracles are possible.

All possibilities means that you have all power to decide what you want, and if you believe it, and have total faith in it, it has to occur. Why? Because you are a creator. You have the power to decide what you want to experience. Nothing can deny you, except what? You’re own disbelief, your own doubt. It kills faith and it kills your dream of awakening to perfect peace and happiness, if you don’t believe that it is possible.

No one can stop you from thinking thoughts of lack or doubt. Indeed, that is the crux of the problem you have had for a very long time. No one can deny you the thoughts you are making up and you always, always get the result of them every time.

So, faith is important and without it you’re dead, or alone, or suffering some kind of lack. Faith energizes the idea that all possibilities exist, because in God, all things are possible. Your knowing that all is well and your confidence that things are working out and only good can come to you, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A happy person brings light and blessings to everyone she meets. An unhappy person brings you down. When someone lacks faith in God or in the idea that something will work out, then there isn’t much hope for them. And of course they get the result, nothing good does come to them. Again, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The thing to remember is that the power of your mind is always presenting you with the outcome of the thoughts you are thinking. Period. You always can decide to see it differently because you do have all power to change your mind and therefore your experience.

So faith in God, in goodness, in love and in the fact that there are light beings all around you encouraging you to make the choice for more love, for forgiveness, for healing, for giving to others, for putting their happiness before yours, is required. The requirement is that you be willing to entertain the possibility of a divine plan, which means you do get to have and be all that you desire. Because you already are, whether you know it or not.

But if you still want something, be clear about your desire, think about it, focus on it, and well, even if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t give up! Happiness doesn’t come from doubt or disappointment.

It will come after you have released all your doubt, all your resistance to these good experiences coming to you and to your friends too. Faith is knowing it is possible for only good to come and expecting the miracle, the correction of falsity, of your doubt. It is also about not knowing how and not worrying about the specifics of the outcome, and still being willing to allow it to occur. Simply accept that God has a better plan than you. Accept your part in His plan and take no other. And stop trying to tell Him how to make it happen. When I simply let God show me what I am to do today, where I am to go, what I am to say and to whom, I am free. Life simply unfolds perfectly without my resistance. So, even if you are in pain, don’t resist it. Just be there, be present and surrender.

Faith in God, the Creator of the Universe, at the very least, will bring you hope rather than doubt. It feels better in the moment that you think: I know it’s possible. I don’t know how it will work out, but I believe it will. Get excited about it! Your happiness is coming to you right now in ways you can’t even imagine.

When I think I am not where I want to be, I suffer. When I accept that its all perfect and I am in the right place at the right time, I feel great! Everything is working out in spite of me. Happiness is not earned, it is recognized and accepted. You could be happy right now if you would just decide to be, even if you’re depressed, be totally depressed. Allow it to bring you to the bottom, the crux of the problem, which is you.

Be grateful that it already did work out. See it, feel it, allow yourself to revel in the idea. The fix is in. The fact is that you are whole and perfect as God created you. All your pitiful doubts and denial ever did was keep you in fear. Haven’t you had enough? It is exhausting to be in competition with God, especially since God has already saved you from your dream of death. When will you accept it? When will you awaken to the idea that it is accomplished?

The Course is very clear on this, that your whole problem is that you never question the reality of your problem. You insist on it and never experience that it has already been resolved for you. Have faith, faith that it is possible because if you did, just for an instant, you would be free.

“Only say the word, and I will be healed!”



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I Could See Peace Instead

This lesson entitled “I could see peace instead of this” is a confrontation. It first of all implies that you are not “seeing” peace. The mind is always upset about something, unless it is at peace. That’s logical, but joy is also peace, so when you are not joyful, you are not at peace.

Be honest. Are you joyful or peaceful right now? Did you know that to “see” peace, means you are the one seeing it or not. You are the one deciding what you are going to see. You have the power to decide what you want to see in every moment. You are telling yourself a story all the time, notice: is it joyful, does it make you happy?

If it is a victim story or a powerless story, you cannot be joyful. So it is time to change your tune and change your story. Sing a different song, dream a new dream.

You only see what you want to see. It is entirely up to you. You project your own thought forms outward from the visual cortex of your brain and call it reality, when in fact it is only a reflection of your thoughts. It makes up your perception and you see only what you project “out there”.

So if you feel anxiety you are thinking fearful thoughts and then seeing fearful images and then you must be feeling anxious. Your constructed situations, personalities or events or “anything else about which you are harboring unloving thoughts” appear to you to be real. They are not, but to you they are! But you are all alone in that. Is it fun?

If you want something different, do this simple exercise. It will help you. Again, it is up to you, do you want it to work?

The idea is to replace those fear thoughts with the idea of peace, then you can feel the change within you. So, if you want to be happy, just do it. Do it for your children, do it for your partner, your friends. Anyone! But do it.

First notice what you are thinking about that feels unlike love: fear, guilt, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, helplessness, etc. You name it. Write it down. I am upset at…..

Say to yourself “I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it”. Let a door open inside you, let a new thought in, it takes only a moment. You don’t know how to change your mind, of course you don’t that’s why you need help. Let go and give up control.

This is how the mind training works, identify a thought or a bunch of thoughts that you have been telling yourself forever, a belief, and decide you want to see peace instead. Anything that is unlike love will do, apply the new idea, and watch and feel what happens within you.

Now write down the new story you want to tell yourself.

It could go something like this: I am learning to open up, I am learning to let go, I am feeling better about myself and my situation, I am all powerful so I can change how I feel, I am aware that I can decide to see it differently. I choose to see myself differently, I choose to forgive myself of the past, I choose to be happy today, right now. I breathe in love and light from the top of my head and let it fill my entire body. I allow this light to release all negative energies within my body right here and now. I allow them to release out the bottom of my feet and my root chakra. I am aware that I have the power to heal myself.

I feel better now, I realize I can heal myself, I can align my will with God’s Will for me and be happy right now. I am concerned only with this present moment, I can be happy right now. The past is over, the future is not there. I am happy and peaceful and I radiate that into the world right now.

Every experience of the miracle of grace happens in exactly the same way, the fear is released as the love underneath is revealed to you. But you must want this to occur. You have to notice when you are unhappy and ask for a different experience, until then, nothing can change. And stop lying to yourself. Pain, sadness, indignation, anger, stuckness, regret, resentment, hate, fear, guilt are not happy states of mind. They are not justifiable either. You can choose to be free of this now.

When you decide you want peace, you want to see things differently, then you can have a completely different experience of what was upsetting to you just a moment before. Isn’t that amazing?
That is how powerful your mind is, and it is up to you to decide what you prefer, to be upset, or to see peace instead. How to know what you have decided: how do you feel?

The miracle will occur when you decide you want a miracle, the shift in perception comes about when you give up your upsetting thoughts. Why should you do this? These thoughts make up the world you see. You can decide to see everything differently and to be free of your own misperception right now. This misperception never made you happy anyway, so what have you got to lose?

Remember lesson 6 and 7: I am upset because I see something that is not there… it is already over because “I see only the past”. You are not in the NOW. You are projecting onto the world your thoughts about everything you see.

Is this okay with you? Take responsibility, use your mind to free yourself and stop the insane projection of fear onto the world. It is up to you!

This isn’t hard, its just that you have to do it, you have some work to do to free yourself, yes and it takes some effort on your part to notice your thoughts and ask for help. The Holy Spirit is with you, freeing you by showing you the way. The ascended masters are awaiting your call, they want to help you.

USE THEM. They will enter and correct your thoughts when you invite them in. Jesus and the Archangels are with you now and forever.

It is time for the great Awakening, the second coming. It is up to you to be the second coming, and to choose to be in the light and love of your Reality. DO it for your children, do it for anyone you love. Choose to see it all differently because you are worth it! Your world needs you to wake up and be free so you can help. Take the time to do this today and be happy, for no reason. There is no other reason for you to be here anyway. Choose love, choose peace. Align your will with The Creative Source of the Universe.

Love is all around you and miracles and blessings are available to you in every instant! The truth is that love isn’t like anything you can imagine, but you can feel how it changes you from the inside out. Allow it, be the love that you are. Love and light are your Reality. You are perfect as God created you right now.

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My Thoughts Do Not Mean Anything

Lesson 10 is one of the most helpful lessons in the Course. If you only did the first 10 lessons every day, you would awaken. This is because it applies to all the thoughts you think are your real thoughts. These are your thoughts of yourself as a separate identity, in a body, with conflicting goals, underlying confusion, doubt, and fear. These are NOT your real thoughts.

When you admit to yourself, my thoughts do not mean anything, this is because they are based upon the misperception of you as separate from God. This can be upsetting, and cause you to question your thoughts. This is great. You should question these thoughts because they don’t bring you happiness. Confusion, doubt, fear and uncertainty are of the ego mind. The ego is always confused because it doesn’t know who it is.

So if you don’t know who you are…guess what…you are the ego! What is that? An active denial of your perfection, or YOU as God created you.

So you need help if you are thinking all these insane thoughts. Thank God that help is here. All the preceding lessons show you that your mind is always focused on the past and then projecting that onto the world you see. This is false thinking. The past is OVER. So, let’s train the mind that is doing that.

Close your eyes and repeat the idea to yourself. My thoughts do not mean anything. This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe.

The undoing of your thoughts how you awaken. The goal is contained in the lesson. Relax, release and allow that your thoughts can be corrected right here and now.

Search your mind for all the thoughts that are available to you. Just notice them and say…oh well. Don’t give them any energy. Just notice that you are thinking a bunch of crazy conflicting thoughts. No big deal. You have been doing this for a very long time.

You need a miracle. You want peace, you don’t have it now. As each thought crosses your mind, repeat…my thought about ________ does not mean anything.

Keep doing it with every idea that arises in your mind.

Then ask, to whom do these thoughts arise?

Who am I? Ask and go within. Get quiet for a moment. Let the procession of thoughts cease for a while. Open to a new experience.

You don’t have to do this for a long period. But the more often you repeat it to yourself, the quieter you become. Something stops, the incessant thoughts cease and you begin to feel an opening, a possibility that you don’t have to be at the mercy of this ego mind. It has no source anyway. It is totally made up by you. It is a constant barrage of attack thoughts. You don’t want that any more.

Repeat after me: My thoughts don’t mean anything. I don’t want them anymore.

You don’t have to do anything about this, just allow for something new to occur. Every fear thought is corrected in exactly the same way. The miracle of love replaces it. The truth of who you are begins to dawn upon you. You become aware. AWARE…finally of your divine perfection. Light. Love. Peace.

This isn’t found in a book, it is a direct experience. It can only be found within you.
So, go within yourself and explore. WHO AM I?

Don’t answer it. Get quiet, ask for help. You don’t have the solution to the riddle of yourself. But there is one and it will happen to you, it is guaranteed by God.

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Nothing You Cannot Do

To completely know that you have all power and that you can use this power to free yourself is where you come out of victimization. This is the answer to every problem you can construct for yourself. There is a way to truly find peace even in time and space by the very act of your mind to choose it. It is very simple and you try to complicate it. Because of your belief that it cannot possibly be that simple.

My question is: Do you believe the first premise?

You have all power.

You are the light of this world.

You are not a victim of circumstance.

You are whole and perfect because you did not create yourself. You have nothing to say about who you really are. That is why all spiritual paths lead to relinquishment of self-will. You don’t know how to make yourself happy. You could be happy right here and now if you knew you had all power.

Try it. Imagine yourself whole and perfect. A truly radiant being from outside this earth realm. A spirit, with a guiding force that moves in and out of existence at your own will. Free to be anywhere you choose, free to experience anything you desire. Not from within a limited frame, but outside that frame, that construct that cannot contain you.

You are free! You already the thing that you seek. The love, the happiness, the joy. Radiant and shining in the love of your Creator.

This world cannot contain you because it is a hologram. It is illusory. It has no real substance. Yet you are the light that shines into the darkness, into the illusion. Your entire being resonates with the harmony of the universal spheres.

You can come home now, out of the dark. You have been waiting for this for many years, centuries perhaps. And the time for your awakening is now.

It will not happen later on. Now. Here.

When you are free, you are free. Yet you are totally dependent upon your Creator whose Will for you is perfect happiness. All fear is a simple denial.

You may experience a thought of limitation but you can release it. You cannot contain yourself any longer. The will of the Father or Creator of you is one with your will. This has always been true and you KNOW it.

Transformation has occurred and is occurring now within you. You are the One Son of a beloved Creator. There is no multiplicity, no duality. The singular occurrence has occurred.

No more doubt, no more denial.

Love and peace are your inheritance no matter what is going on with you right now. In the dark moments, you find out what is real. You get very serious about waking up from the dream of death. That is all that is going on.

Do the lessons, 1-10. Ending with this thought that releases you completely:

These thoughts do not mean anything.

All fear thoughts have no real meaning. They do not have any substance because the ego, or separate self has no source.

I realize that you don’t believe this, but I assure you that it is true. What is stopping you from believing it?

It would have to be self-will, or fear. Perhaps uncertainty of who you really are.

You can use your power to deny this, or you can use it to free yourself. It is up to you. Use the lessons, none of my thoughts mean anything. This is how to relinquish your thoughts and come into your heart center. Right here and now. Each lesson has a gem, a gift to you. Each one contains a miracle, or a correction.

It can be life-altering to know that one miracle can release a whole thought pattern that was causing you pain. It is simple, because truth is true. And nothing else is true. Can you accept that idea?

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Give up

Listening within is the key to your awakening. Certainty of who you are is always available to you and you have no need to do anything to find it. You really can’t change yourself. You are not two selves in conflict.

Fear is made up and you must get wise to your own tendency to listen to this little shrieking voice. It never brings you anything but unhappiness, so why would you choose it?

God is.

Love surrounds you forever. You cannot die, you cannot leave your source of reality. I just want to assure you that this dream you made up is still nothing. You are not at home within a dream of nothingness. But to feel that it is nothing…to know it with all your being…is everything you could desire.

Are you tempted by it? Do you want it to be true? Even knowing that you will simply leave it behind one day? Does that satisfy you that all of it will ultimately end?

It is insane to desire something that is not eternal. It is impossible to awaken from something you want. That is why relinquishment of your self is vital. But how to do that…

Become honest. Do you really think you want to be free? Then you would be free. You don’t want something that would totally kill you. A recognition of what you desire is crucial. Stop lying to yourself. You like it here, you like the things of this world and you do desire to stay here and play all this out. Its OK.

Your self truly already knows who it is. You cannot change it. That is why true enlightenment comes when you cease to interfere with it. You will wake up one day. Perhaps when you hit that bottom and you stop lying to yourself.

The most difficult aspect of this is that you need do nothing. You really think your understanding is required. You really think the method you use is important. Not true.

The only thing that really matters is that you choose each moment to let everything you thought was you be released.

I woke up when someone mentioned to me that it was possible to disappear into light. I had no idea how this was to occur, but I knew I wanted to disappear into light. It made me cry to know this.

Then it happened. I felt a void of nothingness, then for days I felt so much passionate, unexplainable love flowing through me. I begged it never to end. I didn’t want it to ever cease…it was so exquisite. I was told that it never ends.

My life changed drastically from then on. I met a teacher, I spent years in a spiritual community. It was intense, it was wonderful. I am grateful for it. So what?

There is no “how”, because it is simply that it happened when it happened. What I was doing up till then is not important at all. It can happen to you because it happened to me.

This is all I know.

Do you desire to be free? Truly? Do you want to disappear into light and never be afraid again?

Give up. Stop trying. Stop trying to purify your thoughts or change your mind, or apply the method. Simply give up. The struggle isn’t going to work.

Because you are not two selves in conflict. But you won’t realize this until you do.