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The Zen of Yogi Berra

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”  Yogi Berra

How true this statement is.  It seems obvious, but how many people just go through each day without an idea of where they are heading and end up somewhere “else”. And the somewhere else, is where you end up if you don’t have an idea of what you want.  You might be floundering, with thoughts of doubt, fear and uncertainty pervading your mind.

The Course in Miracle Lesson “The Power of Decision is My Own” comes to mind. I have to decide, to choose to be happy in order to put and end to the thoughts of disempowerment. The fear, guilt and incessant questioning everything is my own attack upon myself.  It doesn’t make me happy.

Today while driving I heard a voice say, “just see yourself where you truly want to be. And then collapse all the time between now and having it come true”.

Immediately I felt uncertain because I didn’t really know what I wanted in that moment, or I didn’t think I did.  Here are three steps I use to get clear and focused on where I am heading.

  1. What do I really want?  I have to go into my heart to find out.  I have to explore my deepest desire right now.  I only know I want to be truly happy.  And if I am not focused on that idea, I am at the whim of circumstance, right? Because every moment I am getting the result of my thoughts.
  2. I know I want happiness, so I just ask:  what do I need to do to be really happy today?  See what comes.  If you feel resistance, just allow that too. Happiness is not a future state…it only can be experienced right now.
  3. Now I ask for a real vision of being totally happy, and begin to see it in my mind’s eye:   I am walking on the beach, or sitting in a cafe, teaching a group, giving a treatment, or healing someone, or just being alone.  It could be absolutely anything and for you it is personal.  I know I am happiest when I extend and help free someone to be more joyful, empowered and peaceful.
  4. OK, now just let go of “how” it will happen, because that’s not your job.  Your job is to ask to be happy and to release the need to work it out.  Most days are just wonderful when you get out of the way and allow God to show up in ways you had nothing to say about.

Here’s whats been happening since I started doing this:

I am now living in Maine and staying a while on the beach with my brother and attending great yoga classes at this new center in Portland where I am opening a healing practice. I am really enjoying how everything is opening up and falling into place.  I ran into a dear friend from Wisconsin at a cafe in Southern Maine the other day, and she invited me to a church service where I met lots of people like me… it just keeps getting better and better.

Hope this helps you find out where you are going today.  Cause you don’t want to end up somewhere else. You deserve better.  Yogi thinks so too, check out his book:




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20 Ways to Get Through a Breakup

In the midst of a breakup, you can get very confused, or you can use this list of ways to get through it.  This is a way to speed up your awakening and healing from relationships.  Forgiveness is key now but it might feel impossible to you.  That is totally understandable.

My husband announced two weeks ago that he didn’t want to live with me any more.  I have found myself in shock, anger, guilt, rage, fear, frustration and dismay.  Here is how I am getting through it.  It is working for me and helping me to move quickly into joy even in the midst of this painful situation.

  1. Stay focused on you.  Don’t focus on the partner and what he or she did to you. Let them be.  You have no control over them, but you do have control over your mind and how you handle this situation.
  2. Make a list of things you have to take care of now.  It could be to find a place to live, to work (if you work at home), organize a move, decide what possessions you want to keep.  Don’t worry about this too much, you can always replace stuff.
  3. Be very focused on your mental state.  Do the lessons of the Course, read Chapter 17 The Holy Relationship.  We use our relationships to heal and to awaken from the dream of separation.  Use this as an opportunity to get serious and be persistent on your path.
  4. Read one lesson per day, or read the first 50 lessons from A Course in Miracles in short form (reviews) every day. I like the reviews because it can be done in 20 minutes.
  5. Allow the emotions to surface, but don’t wallow in them.  You can read and repeat the key lessons like “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.  I am as God created me.  There is nothing to fear. “
  6. Breathe deeply and use this meditation to release emotions and the tendency to blame.  Panic will not help right now, when it comes up, do this quick 25 minute healing to release the emotional states.  Resentment is not going to help you right now, but it will come up and this will help to let it go quickly.
  7. Ask for help.  Many supportive friends and family will come to your aid, people you never thought would be so caring.  Allow them to help you right now because you need them and it alleviates the loneliness and fear. You are supported by God right now and your friends and family want to help you.
  8. Go within.  Write down all that you are feeling and focus on what you want now  .  Don’t listen to everyone and their opinions, this will just confuse you. Don’t let other people’s breakups or stories influence you.
  9. Write down the “old story”, this what you have been living regarding your self, partner, career, finances, and home.  Now burn it.  Now write down the “new story”, aim high and imagine what you want right now in all these aspects.  This will help to let go of the past and move on quickly and stay focused on YOU, and what you really want now.  Read it over and over every day.
  10. Pray each day for guidance and to be shown that you are loved and taken care of. The universe loves you and is giving you this opportunity to speed up your process of awakening.  Allow the guidance and the freedom from fear that it brings each moment.
  11. The blessing in this situation is:  There is always a blessing for you in a crisis…write it down.  This keeps you focused on what you are grateful for, allowing for more appreciation.   Read it over every morning.
  12. Focus on your abilities and strengths. This helps when the critical judging thoughts come in that eat away at your self-esteem.
  13. Don’t allow the judgments and self-criticism.  Write down all your wonderful qualities and things you have achieved in your life.
  14. Keep an open heart and mind.  When you close down and feel the pain, know that it is changing.  It is important to feel the emotions but know that you are not your emotions and feelings. You can stay open to receive more healing and more grace.
  15. Stay hydrated.  Don’t reach for alcohol or coffee right now…I know its tempting, but it brings your body into stress and your emotions will be harder to calm down.  Drink tons of water!
  16. Exercise.  This really keeps the stress out of your body.  Go for a run or walk every morning for at least 30 minutes. It helps to know you care about yourself right now.  Take care of the body and the mind.
  17. Take a break from your location.  Book a trip and give yourself time to slow down and go within.  I am going to a part of the country I love for 5 days and seeing my two grown boys. I can feel how much I need this right now.
  18. Try this worksheet from Byron Katie for self-examination. A simple four step process to let go of your painful thoughts.
  19. Don’t project all your thoughts onto your partner.  Let them go for now.  Be steady and look at your own mind.  Remember, self responsibility is key.
  20. Give yourself a break, its time to list all the things you love and and remember what brings you joy and do at least 3 of those things each day.

When life choices seem daunting in the midst of chaos, know that there are no mistakes.  You will make choices and then learn from them. Honor your progress and your path right now.  You want freedom and this is giving it to you in ways you cannot fathom right now.

Although the pain will surface, feel it and use it to free you today.  It is helping you to become more compassionate toward yourself and others. Stay humble. Focus on this moment right now.  Not next week, not next year.  RIGHT NOW…it is the only time there is and it is where your healing resides.

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You are a creator

You are a creator

Perhaps it is time for you to open to a new possibility that you are a creator, a Son of the Creator with creative abilities. These abilities you begin to utilize to free yourself from the victim dream. This dream is a sad dream where you are caught in beliefs that do not make you happy. And when you are not happy, you are not free and you feel bad. Now, the idea that you can free yourself from the victim dream and come into the powerful being and creator that you are can be very exciting, because it energizes the fact that who you are is not a victim. Which is actually true.

You are all powerful, the question becomes what to do with the power you find within you. You can choose to have more love and more happiness and you can choose to exercise a lot more freedom of mind. You have the power to choose what to do with your freedom of mind. But until you have this idea firmly fixed in your mind, you will not believe it. It’s okay to take a little time to give up this dream of victimization. Your mind will change because it is always changing and the light of you is energized and excited by the possibility of this fundamental change that we want to bring about in you.

You will be undone when you decide that you want to be undone. It is an undoing of the very concepts and beliefs that you hold so dearly about yourself and this is the most exciting journey you could take. The fundamental teaching is that the Creator is unlimited, therefore, being an offspring of the Creator, you are unlimited. Yet you don’t know that now, so you have to admit there is something for you to learn.

Your thoughts are the problem

If you want to know what your beliefs are, listen to how you talk to yourself all day long. How does that barrage of thoughts make you feel? If it makes you feel bad, you are about to open to a new way of living where you choose to feel good, and think those thoughts that align with feeling good. A belief is only a thought you continue to think. It can be changed instantly. How? Decide you want a different thought.

So the question is what is it you want to create?

This may astound you to know that you have all power and can heal anything, be anything, do anything you want. It is a far cry from being trapped in a victim dream. And we want you to realize that when you decide you want to sing another song or dream another dream, the universe responds and gives you this new song to sing. You simply have to tap into it, get excited about it, become joyful with the possibility of what you could do or be. Then you can start to imagine yourself doing all sorts of wonderful things with your time and your money and your friends and family. You can imagine yourself in any way that you choose. Isn’t that so? Try it.

So who do you want to be? Who are you now? Who are you without your victim story?

Take into consideration that you may have come here to this world with an idea that you wanted to experience yourself in a giving, loving extension of yourself. You may not realize that you agreed to come here to expand yourself even more and find that you are bigger and better and more amazing than you imagined yourself to be. You have gifts to give and you must give them or you feel small. And you feel that you somehow have missed your chance at figuring out the whole purpose of the dream. And you tell yourself that you can’t, you’re just you, a person from whatever town in a big country full of people and you are just another person with limitations and problems and not enough…well you fill in the blank.

This story is old and tired and has never helped you to experience yourself beyond littleness and lack. The reason that you tell yourself this story over and over is because you haven’t found the one thing that would help you change it. You can change the story, yet you have to want to write a new story and be brave enough to live it. A story of new found riches, of new found glory, of your joyful Self as the whole, perfect you that the Creator created. You are something so far beyond your little bodily conception of yourself that you are not able to imagine it yet. And yet, you have the ability to create anything you want. You can have anything, but first you must find out who you really are.

Mind Training

To awaken from the victim dream, you must train your mind to think differently and see everything differently. Because once you have found that you can see everything differently, you become different, everything you think about is different and is vibrating at the frequency of more and more love. Because it already is, but you were not aware of it, and now you can feel the change, viscerally, cellularly within you.

Your mind changes when you decide you want to experience more of you.

Ask yourself : Can you remember deep within yourself what you wanted to experience by coming into this plane of existence? Do you want love? Do you want unlimited love to flow through you? Because if that is true, you will energize this idea and find that the flow of love is something you cannot control, once you tap into it, you feel great and everything seems possible. Because it is.

The key is that you already have all power and you have been using it to tell yourself ideas and concepts that you have learned about yourself from the time you were a child. You have been conditioned to believe a story about yourself that you probably do not like because it makes you unhappy. Or, you have found that the happiness you seek is fleeting, followed by periods of unhappiness and you can’t figure out how to have the happiness without the unhappiness.

So, you accept the idea that you have to have both, unhappiness and happiness and you live your life fearful of the times when the unhappiness will come and overtake you. And will put out your life. Or you live in the unhappiness telling yourself that’s just the way it is. And it is this way for you until you decide you want something else. That happens when it happens, but why not now?

So you keep telling yourself the same thing and you keep experiencing it. Because you are using the power of your creative mind to do this, you continue to experience the same thing. The nature of your creative mind is that every thought has power. There are no neutral thoughts. Your mind says something over and over and before you know it, it’s ingrained into your consciousness so totally that you don’t remember ever feeling that you could be different.

Yet the idea that you would accept this, and live within the beliefs that you have constructed and continue to verify this thought system with your experience is hopefully becoming intolerable to you. If it is becoming intolerable to you, that is wonderful, because it is intolerable for a creative being such as you to accept the falsity that you have no power to change your life.

Because you have all power and the entire thing is happening to you because you don’t realize that you can harness this power and choose to change your mind and dream a different dream. Or wake up entirely from it and enter the universe as an illuminate being of light. Either way, you will be happier and freer and will find that life is full of possibility.

The good news is that you no longer have to struggle, suffer and survive if you have power to change what you experience. You could just be yourself and accept everything exactly as it is right now. No fighting, no striving, no struggle. You could feel differently right now about who you are. I suggest that you do so.
The key is to notice what you are thinking and ask for help to change the fundamental beliefs that hold you and bind you to your littleness.
You can do this at any moment, and the miracle, or the shift in perception occurs, just because you are willing to change your mind and have a new thought. Then, you will feel different. How would it feel if you started to think happy thoughts, delightful thoughts? What if you opened to all possibilities and started to imagine yourself happy and free of the beliefs that used to bind you. Never mind what they were, they are no longer true for you. You can decide to see it all anew. From this moment on.

Behold, I make all things new.

Regardless of your past experience, that is now completely over and this is your new chapter. You are rewriting your story, so imagine that you are now an unlimited being of love and light who chose to come and extend these wonderful gifts that you have been given. You can have more freedom, more love, more light because you want to experience the possibility of not only having, but being all this, regardless of what form it takes. You are the light you extend, you can be this light and experience yourself unlimited, as you learn to release your lack ideas. The littleness or lack was just a false idea, the idea of the separate you. This is where all the falsity stems from, your identification with a separate self lost in a dream. Good news…this is not you.


When you actively take responsibility for the thoughts you are thinking, you change. You become happier and more free because you align with truth. You decide to be happy now and the thoughts and things that resonate with your inner state of happiness come to you effortlessly. You want to choose the thoughts that make you happy, so it is imperative that you begin to think joyful and happy thoughts. Loving, peaceful, joyful thoughts. Imagine yourself all day today thinking only happy thoughts. You will smile all day long and everyone will feel your inner happiness that you are bringing to the world. You will be joyful, and you will feel love for everyone you meet. It will be a miraculous day.

Tell yourself this today: I am infinite love, I am infinite wisdom, I am infinite strength. In me all things are possible because I am a creator. I can create anything I want. Love flows through me effortlessly.

IT may sound simple, but the fact is that what is hard is being out of alignment with who you are. You cannot be happy in a state of separation from God. Period. This takes enormous energy and effort to be in the lost or forgetful state that you find yourself stuck in. Being stuck is not fun. Being free to make a new choice is fun and creative. Because you so desire to have the things you want and be who you are, that you will find it much easier to think these thoughts instead of the complaining that you don’t have it. Every thought, every word you speak gives you exactly what you are experiencing right now. You do have the power to change your mind.

So the whole universe of love is awaiting your return to sanity and to the awareness that although you have been much deceived by the dream, you now are willing and able to dream a happy dream. You can do this by focusing on the possibility of it and imagining what it would look life if you were happy.


Miracles are natural, when they do not occur, something has gone wrong.
A miracle is a shift in perception, from darkness or ignorance, to light and Intelligence that comes from knowing who you are. If you knew that all thoughts have power and there are no neutral thoughts, you would start to become much more aware of the thoughts you are thinking and make more effort to allow those thoughts to change. When you allow you simply get into a flow, where it is natural for a change of mind to occur, as opposed to staying stuck in an idea for years and years maintaining its hold on you. So, isn’t it time that you decide to change your mind and become the being of light that you are? You are a whole and perfect creation of God and until you recognize this, you will never be truly happy.

Body Identity
I am not a body, I am free.

The basic principle of A Course in Miracles resides in this one thought. It means that the you that you think you are, identified as a body on planet Earth with all your problems and perceptions of you and your world around you, are not based in reality or truth. You are living a false idea of yourself, you are therefore caught in a fear dream. But the dream can change, from a dream of a separate existence to a dream of awakening or enlightenment. You do have all power to change your mind and think different thoughts so you can begin to identify with the whole you, the perfect you, the enlightened you. Indeed you must or you are confined to this separate existence which you have been living out for many years and lifetimes. You will never be happy if you continue to identify with this separate you because the fact is, that it isn’t a happy feeling to be separate.

To be in communication with love and to know who you are is actually the only dream worth pursuing ultimately, because it makes you happy to be a communicator. To be in a constant flow of love extending it out into the world to all the people you love and maybe even don’t love. You will begin to realize that not loving isn’t fun either, and you will find a way to forgive those who have hurt you.

Forgiveness is key

Your belief that you are vulnerable to other people’s behavior is not a happy idea either, so forgiveness becomes an imperative that feels better than holding onto resentments and judgment. So you will simply give them all up. You will begin to feel the peace of knowing that you are all powerful and that if you are miracle minded, all possibilities exist and you can choose to experience whatever you choose. This is the nature of the dream.

You have all power, the power of decision is your own.

You may imagine that you are a little being on planet Earth with no reference at all to the you that is whole and perfect and created as God intended you to be. Yet, it is simply up to you to choose, to decide that you want to see this all differently. There is another way to look at everything, right? Perceptions can be changed, so when you exercise this power of decision, you feel different. You get the result of your thoughts every time. This is how your mind actually works. You are not two selves in conflict. You are one self, united with your creator.

The unity of your one self knows perfectly well who it is. It knows what it wants, and it wants to be happy. Just like Jesus said, you must become like little children. They just want to be happy and are happy easily because they have not conditioned themselves to think that being unhappy is normal. Little children love to be happy and free. They are not flowing against the current, so to speak, they are in the flow of life and are unconcerned with details and material things. They simply are.

The question then becomes how to get to that state of being, and all suffering comes from the idea that you cannot reach that state, although you remember it from when you were a child. And the answer is that it isn’t that hard, but you have to want it and you have to start by allowing what is happening or not to change.

When you tell yourself that what is happening to you is terrible and you are stuck, that you can’t find the way out, then that is what you experience. Just begin by telling yourself you are learning something new.

Try this:
I am learning something new and enjoying the experiencing of it. I am opening up, I am releasing the past, I am moving on toward a greater expansion of myself. I am allowing the idea that freedom from fear is possible, freedom from lack is possible, and I am opening to the possibility of a whole new me.
I choose to be in a state of love, I choose to be loved by my Creator, I choose to be happy right here and now. I choose to allow that I am learning a new way to be in the world. I choose to accept that I can be a beacon of love for the world. I choose to be that beacon and to draw the love into my heart from my creator and extend it into the world. I choose to be a conduit for eternal love and life. I choose to accept my natural inheritance as the holy child of God that I am.

My natural inheritance is freedom, is eternal life, is love and I can be this now. I choose to be who I really am right here and now. I want to experience this since it will make me very happy. I now choose to allow everyone to be exactly where they are, and I am choosing to be happy and free. I no longer depend on others for my happiness,
I choose to depend upon my Creator only and to allow that this Source of me knows me perfectly well and this Source wills only my perfect happiness right here and now.

Wouldn’t it be better to tell yourself this than to constantly berate yourself with ideas of littleness and lack. Do you see that right now you are getting the result of every thought you are thinking? Is it really true that you don’t have what you want? Or are you just thinking that?

(to be continued)

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When I am healed, I am not healed alone

Healing is freedom. It is shared. Healing is communication, healing is strength.

How wonderful to know that you only need ask for healing for it to occur. It isn’t hard, it doesn’t take time. It comes when you want the alternative to your dreams of fear or suffering.

This is the best part, that “as you let yourself be healed, you see all those around you, or who cross your mind, or whom you touch, or those who you seem to have no contact with you, healed along with you.”

That sounds like everyone. This occurs because of the Oneness of creation. When one part is healed, all is healed. It is a quantum idea. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. One part is the whole.

“Those who are healed become the instruments of healing. Nor does time elapse between the instant they are healed, and all the grace of healing it is given them to give.”

When you ask for healing, realize that it is for all the world, not just for you alone. When you attest to the healing that you receive, it empowers others to do the same and to experience the grace that your healing brings to all the world.

God only gives, therefore, you can only give. When you are healed of false identity, of false ideas, of sickness, pain and death, you are asking that the inevitable occur, therefore, it cannot fail. Don’t be fooled by continuing symptoms…acceptance of the healing comes when it is done so without fear.

“There is one thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day. It is a thought of pure joy; a thought of peace, a thought of limitless release, limitless because all things are freed within it.” Your healing frees your mind along with your brother’s mind. You share this mind, because you are created by Oneness. The love of God created you and you did not make yourself. You simply put yourself to sleep and are waking up now.

Fear of the love of God is insane. The love of God protects you from your own self-constructed identity. This is not you. You are protected from your dream, because although it feels very real to you, it is still a dream. You have been protected from your illusions of yourself. That is why you need only ask for healing to experience it. This protection is where your safety lies. It lies not in illusions, but in the awareness of perfect oneness with your Creator.

Mercy and the grace of healing comes when you accord yourself worthy of mercy. That is why forgiveness is the key to happiness. Do you see how simple is the dream undone when you decide you want it undone…it is because it has already been undone.

It is accomplished already…because Jesus resolved it for you and you need only accept it for yourself. Yes it is that simple, and yes it also means you give up every thought of attack, of fear, of anger, of guilt and of suffering. It is work because you have been asleep for such a long time. Dreaming of all these horrible states of mind. None of which are real. You don’t deserve it, you are innocent of all that you have condemned yourself.

When you become so tired of maintaining an illusion of yourself, you will awaken and be free. The dream is a happy dream when you become willing to ask for help with every trivial detail of your life. When you allow yourself to be shown the way, when you stop thinking you can do it all alone. Because you are never alone.

When you are healed, you are not healed alone. Give it up. Its time to come into the light now and recognize your oneness with all Creation. It is always awaiting your decision to be free.

Self-Inquiry Master

A true enlightened Being assisting you with your awakening.

For the last few days, I have been watching videos from Mooji, an awakened Being who teaches self-inquiry, a direct approach to enlightenment. I am in a state of grace from his teaching and feel that I cannot ignore this help. I want everyone to know there are awakened Beings on the planet and if you want to bypass a lot of conceptual crap and move into an experience of peace, you can watch their videos for free. Love is truly all around you and within you. These Beings are here to remind you of this and can truly assist you with your process. So if you are in need of help today, I would suggest taking some time to view these videos. I also have posted the Master Teacher’s videos whose sole assignment was to awaken you to your perfection using A Course in Miracles.

Miraculously, I have had time this week to enjoy the grace of Mooji as well. I would encourage anyone who is truly wanting to go within, to apply a self-inquiry to their own mind, to try this and see how it is for you. I have greatly benefited from his kind words, his love and most of all, the depth of peace that has come over me.

The Course in Miracles is a path, and ultimately, as I have stated in my writings, you will have to give up the path and let go absolutely into the heart of God. The Master Teacher, who was my teacher for many years and remains so although he is out of body now, has videos and books and you can access them at any time by clicking on the link on this site: The teachings are always available and if you are serious about waking up, I would advise you to partake of them.

I love the simplicity of knowing that there is only one master and that master resides within you. Yet, it is also very humbling to be in the presence of an awakened Being whose sole purpose is to help you come into your own mastery. You must mature, and the spiritual ego is a very tricky thing. Ultimately, it will not satisfy you. If you are honest enough you will know that you are still in conflict on some level within yourself and you need help. This help is available to you right now.

The coming into the presence of an awakened mind can free you and did indeed do so. Do not underestimate the power of a true Master. You can become free because you already are free and there is nothing to attain, but if you are not aware of this, you need help.

Like Mooji said today, you are like an ice cube in a glass of warm water. You are still made of water, and are melting into the warmth of the love of the water surrounding you. This is inevitable that your iciness, your attempt to stay cold, afraid and separate, will disappear. Your last fear, which is the fear of God, and of your true nature, will melt away. The time is set already, not taught. You have determined it for yourself.

You can and indeed did wake up to the freedom of your own Mind. The HeartMind of God is what you are and this can never be altered.

Take the time to listen to true teachings. Take the time to get quiet, go within, do a lesson from the Course. My holiness is my salvation, for example, is a great place to start. Lesson 39. It is so simple and so profound when you really feel the energy of what it is telling you.

My holiness blesses the world. You are already holy, yet if you do not know it, you are in denial. That is all. This denial cannot satisfy you because you know what you are denying. You must know because otherwise, you would not deny it. Why, then, would a totally loving Being of light deny the light that he is? I admit it seems crazy, and it is!

So, stop denying it. You are free already, you are perfection. Who are you to deny God?

The only question is: are you the object being observed or are you the Presence in which the idea of you arises?

Find out. Go within and ask. Keep asking until the asker is gone.

I love you.


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State of Grace

Are you tired of an endless spiritual search that only seems to lead you into more confusion? Do you wonder when you will reap the fruits of your search and actually find the peace that is promised in the traditions that lead to enlightenment?

What does it mean to actually hit a true “bottom”? Have you hit it? How do you know? When you get to the depth of yourself, when you see how miserable this little self is trying to make something of itself in this vast universe, then something can happen. A miracle: something in you on a very deep level shifts from a linear, fear based state of mind to a peaceful, vertical acceptance of life itself exactly as it is…you know you’ve hit it and have gone on.

Many people want the results without doing the work. Maybe they can have them. I don’t know… there is no order of difficulty in miracles. That is the first sentence of the entire Course and it means that it doesn’t have to take time.

A Course in Miracles states it is a celestial speedup. What used to take time now is happening in an instant. The consciousness has changed and you are coming out of the dark. It does get darker for a time, so that you can see the difference between darkness and light, and make a real choice. Before, you were just confused. When the light enters after a long period of struggle with an idea or a situation you cannot solve, the light then shows you that all your efforts were worth it. True freedom from fear is not only possible, but inevitable.

Why? Because the ego mind has no source. It is made up. You don’t have to worry about something that isn’t real. You simply have to recognize its unreality by choosing to be free. That’s it. The help you are given when you make this choice is unlimited. Your mind shifts and you enter a “state of grace” from that moment on. Your entire life changes and you become truly compassionate and have only a sincere desire to help. You don’t care about yourself as much as how you can be of service to help others to have this same experience. This is a “sea change”. It takes place in the depth of your being and it is very joyful because, finally, after all your life of misery, you are given a real reason for being here.

In the end of Chapter 7, The Gifts of the Kingdom, it states that following the Holy Spirit is the easiest thing in the world, and the only thing that is easy, because it is not of the world and therefore, natural. Grace is the natural state of every Son of God. That’s YOU. You are in this state of grace already, and your job is to stop denying it.

When you think you have something to do with your own awakening, you are deluding yourself. God is. God has already saved you. You simply choose to accept it and you are free. But you must give up every idea that limits you. This seems like it takes time, but I assure you that it isn’t difficult unless you make up an idea of difficulty. You are still doing this to yourself and you can stop. You can decide that there isn’t anything difficult about you being who you are. It doesn’t make sense. You are YOU. There is a feeling of release, a sudden shift of awareness and you find yourself in a very different state of mind. YOU ARE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SEEKING!

“By demonstrating to yourself there is no order of difficulty in miracles, you will convince yourself that, in your natural state, there is no difficulty at all because it is a state of GRACE.” When you are not in this state, everything you do becomes a strain. “A Son of God is happy only when he knows he is with God.”

It is the total surrender of your idea of yourself as separate that must and did indeed occur. When you are free, you are free! There is no going back. It isn’t possible. Fear may arise in your awareness, but you simply laugh and let it go. Fear isn’t real. Love is.

“When a mind has only light, it knows only light. Its own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds transforming them into majesty.” Majesty? Wow. Do you see that you are this radiance and that you only have to recognize and appreciate and know it. But the next sentence is key: “Recognizing the Majesty of God as your brother is to accept your own inheritance.”

Your brother is the majesty of God. That is why judgment is always false. Appreciation is the only appropriate response to a Son of God. That’s your brother and he is you. So, why would you want to judge him? STOP DOING IT.

Love is always the answer, forgiveness is the key. You cannot escape your fear without forgiveness of yourself for having this idea of separation. It was only a mistake and isn’t true anyway. So, just accept it. It is long over and its time you accepted that fact.

Blessings and love you today!