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7 Steps to Finding Great Love

What is great love?  Do you want it, do you have it?  Do you feel you have missed the boat or that you are seeking and not finding it?  Guess what?  You may be looking in the wrong place.

What if you were absolutely certain that love was not something to find, but already resides within and you felt it every day and every moment?   You were certain of the security of love, of the constant abiding love that you are?  Would your life be different? You bet it would.  This is not a theory, but a practice that requires your attention and dedication.

I always thought if I found the right partner, I would have someone to share my life with and then would be happy.  So I kept looking for the right one and married three times.  I don’t regret any of it, believe me.

My biggest lesson has been to realize that love isn’t something to seek.  I have been through the loss of partners and lost custody of children, lost my teacher, both parents, my sister when I was 4, and they all taught me the same lesson:  I am the thing I seek.

How did I learn this?  The hard way, through lots of experience of loving and losing and then finally discovering the secret to the universe.

What helps me the most?

  1. Meditation and mind training – Most of the time we just react to things that happen, but when you put yourself first and meditate, you find that your mind can change. Your thoughts are the problem, and the release of them is the solution. A Course in Miracles is a proven method, if you start with one lesson per day, it is guaranteed to change you. 5 minutes per day to a new you?  How hard is that?
  2. Find your light – The big revelation comes when you open to the possibility that your problem has already been solved. You may not know this yet, but the Master Jesus taught us this important lesson:  You are the light of the world, you have all power, and you can accomplish anything you choose.  You know it to be true when you ask to be healed of the deep subconscious pain of being separate.
  3. Know you cannot lose it – if you find love within yourself, you cannot ever lose it, because it isn’t apart from you.  This brings immense freedom and joy.
  4. Realize your life is eternal – Life isn’t of time, it isn’t going to end, the you that thinks you are separate is the problem, but when you get to the bottom of your pain, it will finally vanish, freeing you from the idea that you could ever be alone, lost, or in need of anything. But you have to go to the depths of your denial to become free from this state of mind.  Ask yourself every day:  who am I?
  5. Embrace change and free the fear – I know it seems hard to embrace the unknown, but really?  If what you know has brought you suffering, loss and death, then what have you got to lose by embracing the unknown…what if it opens up your heart and mind to a new experience of you?
  6. Decide for peace – if conflict can be given up by your decision to see your situation differently, then why wait to make this choice?  Try Lesson 15, The Power of Decision is My Own.  I can decide to forgive, to free myself of the guilt of the past.  The past is over anyway.  You maintain it in your mind in thought, but you can stop.  The miracle occurs when you decide you would rather be at peace.
  7. Give! Give so much that nothing else matters. It is selfish, because it makes you totally happy.  Think of someone else today, free him of the bondage of needing something by giving and learning that you are never lacking anything.  Your brother is you and is waiting for your freedom to be free himself. Lesson 137 states:  When you are healed, you are not healed alone. 

Hope this helps you today!




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The End of Suffering

You are as God created you, and so is every living thing you look upon, regardless of the images you see.

This sentence from Chapter 31, The Final Vision, states that what you behold as sickness, pain, weakness, suffering and loss “is but temptation to perceive yourself defenseless and in hell. Yield not to this, and you will see all pain, in every form, wherever it occurs but disappear as mists before the sun. A miracle has come to heal God’s Son, and close the door upon his dreams of weakness, opening the way to his salvation and release.”

So the miracle occurs when you ask for it, and you get on your knees and ask to see it all differently, and your misperceptions are healed. The miracle happens because the entire dream is made up by you, and if that is not acceptable to you right now, fine. But know that ultimately, you will accept it, because not to is too painful.

Staying a victim of a world of perception is not really a wonderful or even viable option. It will become too painful to hold onto this idea, because victimization is not happy, it doesn’t work. Accepting responsibility for the thoughts you are thinking is the only way out. Pain releases when you ask for help and accept the help given. The world of love and light opens up in response to your call.

I know because it happened to me.

I was in a state of total despair and depression, and once I started doing the lessons, my entire being changed from darkness to exiliration and fearlessness. Over time, the whole purpose of my life changed from a selfish pursuit of the things of the world, to come alive and to awaken and become totally free, mentally and emotionally and spiritually.

In the act of relinquishment, my ideas of suffering were all burned up and taken from me by the grace of the light all around me, the Christ Mind. It is what I am and what you are, so it is inevitable that you will accept it at some point.

Don’t be discouraged if you have been at this for a long time and still feel pain. I know how that is, but I also know that it is a trick of ego mind to think you have to wallow around in it. You do have choice.

You always have the power of decision at your disposal.

The question then becomes, when? When will you choose to become free, fearless, in a state of love and harmony, knowing who you are, extending that light into the world. When? When you have had enough suffering I suppose.

This does require that you take time to do the mind training, that you spend time in prayer, that you serve your brother, that you give of yourself ceaselessly. Because that is the key to happiness, giving constantly to awaken and help other to do the same. A spiritual focus is imperative to a happy, fulfilled life. Your purpose is to awaken and free your mind if you decide that it is. And why not? Misery and death do not exist. God has already saved you from your little nightmare.

Nothing is accomplished by an untrained, undisciplined mind. Peace does come when all need for conflict is given up. When this happens can be determined by you. How much do you want peace? How much energy are you willing to devote to it?

Repeat this prayer in times of temptation to believe in your suffering:

I am as God created me.
His Son can suffer nothing.
And I AM His Son.

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Letting Go of Fear

Is it really that simple?  Love is letting go of fear?  Did you ever stop to  realize that you cannot be afraid in reality, because fear actually has no source?  You are creating fear and making it real because you don’t trust God, or eternal love to take care of every detail of your life for you.

Fear is a killer.  Yet, you cannot be killed.  Your body is not who you are.  You are an eternal Son of the Creative Source of all that is.  Now, if that is true, all fear stems from the idea that you are a body and can be terminated. It is a lie.  Here you are.  You are alive and living now.  Can you really end if God is Life and He created you in His image?

I recently had an experience like this.  I walked into the company where I was working for six months and the room was full of my co-workers.  We were read a letter, handed forms to fill out and all fired.  This is a major corporation in America that is very successful.  I was so happy to have this job and all at once, boom, it was gone.

It was a wonderful experience.  Because as I go through the emotions of what a lot of associations on this planet are now having to go through, the first was that this felt incredibly surreal.  I had a good job with potential for what I thought would be a future, and then, in one moment it was just not there.  We were all celebrating how successful we were at our Christmas party a few weeks before this happened.

This is what death is like.  For a while, you go along thinking everything is honky dory and you have what you want and feel somewhat secure, and bang!…suddenly, everything is changed.  What you thought was real, was secure, was nothing.

It brings me into a faith in God, and forces me to discover what I truly put my trust in.  Do I trust the temporal world where everyone apparently is born and then gets old and dies?  Do I put my faith in nothing?  Or do I step back, accept the situation entirely and release my ideas about it all?

It was hard to maintain an idea that I was safe because I had a job.  I kept feeling the insecurity, when I would go to the bank and put my check in and wonder how long it would last.  Can I put my faith in the paycheck?  My coworkers would talk about job cuts and I constantly felt the unreliability of working for a major corporation.  It was deeply impersonal as well.  Although our department was the most productive for the company for two years in a row, we still were let go.  There was no real logical explanation.  We were handed the envelopes and told to leave immediately. My boss had worked there for over ten years and she was the top manager for this department for two years in a row.

I have only to rely upon the teaching of the Course in Miracles.  Do not put your faith in the ephemeral, the temporal.  It has no basis for your faith because it is illusionary.  It brings me into a deep need for trust in God.

Does God know of my conflict?  No.  Does God know of me?  Yes.  He loves me infinitely.  He does not know of my little life here on a tiny planet with concerns about bodies and whether or not I have a house or a job.  Yet He loves me and knows that every need I have is already met.

My faith is in God.  I have been through many moments like this one throughout my life  and they always bring me into a deeper trust, a deeper connection to God, to my brothers and to myself.  I let the miracle occur.

What is a miracle?  It is a correction of my errors of thought.  It is a celestial speedup when everything changes suddenly.  Like the man you were married to suddenly has a new girlfriend and you are disposable.   This happened to me recently too.  It is incredible how fast the speedup is and how intense the fear of loss.  You just have to feel it and release it.

You are being sped up by all the trials and seeming disasters or successes that constitute your life.  I had a lot of money once and found that I was miserable.  It didn’t make me happy.  I didn’t know what to do with it and realized it was what I wanted, but it meant nothing to me.  So I got on my knees and begged for help because I knew I had a major problem and it was my state of mind.  I was still separate and I knew it.

I was taken into a realm of light and peace and joy and indescribable passion.  I was shown who I am.  I was given the Keys to the Kingdom.  I came into a new experience of myself that has deepened with time.  I find myself in a state of freedom and light.  I have had to learn forgiveness.  But I couldn’t really forgive, I had to ask for help with that too.

I do feel fear, but I release it and let it go, and this is how my life has changed.  My fear does not run me any more.  I just allow it and feel all the feelings around it and it releases.  Because it is not real, it actually has no source.  There is nothing about fear that is real, nothing at all.  I know it doesn’t feel that way when you’re in it.  But it is getting your attention so that you begin to let go.

Only love is real.  Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.

Do the workbook of the Course and you will become free.  Your concerns about your tiny life here on planet earth will dissolve.  Nothing I see means anything is a kick in the ass.  Just do it.  Lesson #1.  Then go to the next one, lesson #2.  I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.

This brings you into self-responsibility.  You have to take an inventory. What is it I value here?  Do I hang onto past judgments, hurts.  Am I angry?  Afraid?  Of course you are.  You would not be here if you weren’t afraid of something.  Be honest.  Do you give energy to your resentments? Are you afraid of not having what you need in the future?

Do you let fear and resentment run your life?  If you are in the process of releasing fear, you are training your mind to think with God.  You are in His Loving Mind.  You cannot separate yourself from Him.  You only think so.  That is why you need mind training.  You have deluded yourself into thinking you can solve your problem of separation.  And you can’t.  Only God can.

Start communicating with Him.  Do it every day.  Do it every moment when you feel afraid.   Go ahead, get on your knees.  You can do it.  Just ask and you will be led on your awakening.  Every step of the way is gracefully planned just for you. Begin to trust God now.  He knows of your need.  He has already fulfilled it.  It is time to wake up to the Reality of His eternal Love for you and all of creation.

Start thinking of how you can help someone else.  Start giving!  This is the answer.  Giving is everything because God only gives.  You will feel better and be less concerned with selfish things.  Your only question should be, how can I help?  You will find happiness lies in your willingness to be of service to your brother.  Let go and let God show you the key to happiness.

I love you!


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Love to Give

My only function here is to be happy.  Is that difficult?  At times, yes!  I cannot be happy if you are not.  I have to extend my light, my joy into your mind, because you are me!  I have recently taken up massage to offer my love and healing energy to everyone.  I find myself so happy after I have done this, that I cannot imagine what took my so long to do it.

I have been in the healing arts for a long time and have trained my mind and have been miraculously healed of every disease, including depression and anxiety.  I only know that I asked for help all along the way and the answers kept coming in.  All forms of lack, littleness and fear are being removed from my mind.  I came to offer this healing light energy to the world.  I don’t have any other function.

I love A Course in Miracles.  It is what healed me entirely of my dream of death.  I know that I am eternal and therefore so are you.  I cannot continue to pretend that this is not true.  Human minds are really pathetic in that they always misuse their mind.  It is time to really become aware that surrender is the key. A relinquishment of my ideas is how I give myself to the totality of the experience of oneness, of love, of divinity.

Thank God there is a loving God who knows not of death, sickness, suffering or fear.  He knows not of it.  He has already healed your mind of this idea.  Your job is just to accept it.  Can you accept that you are perfect, whole and complete.  A perfect reflection of His Love?

Wayne Dyer has been teaching this on PBS recently and I am always amazed at the simplicity of the message.  It is great.  It is time.  I love knowing that the message of divine love is the one thing the human consciousness is finally embracing.  It is the Answer to all the conceivable problems of human existence.

My suffering and depression led me to A Course in Miracles.  It is really amazing how it occurred.  It is a simple story.  Basically, Jesus woke me up out of my dream of death, fear and anxiety.  I had had enough pain.  I asked for help and I was given A Course in Miracles.  This is demonstrated beautifully in the movie: A Course in Miracles Unleashed.

Love came and got me and showed me that all this was an illusion and that I didn’t belong in an illusion.  It was dramatic and ecstatic and I left this world.  This is really only one experience of a continuing reunion I have with God and all my brothers.  I connect into the ONE MIND all the time. I feel more and more in love every moment.  I cannot believe this has happened and I am so grateful.

I can only give of myself right now totally and feel this love flowing through me.  Can you feel it?  I am here.  There are many awakened brothers on the planet now bringing in a lot of light.  I hope you find your connection to this light and write to me.  I am so grateful that you have found this light and are learning that it is all you want.  IT IS EVERYTHING.

Jesus led me into this light along with the Master Teacher and many awakened minds who are with me. Let me know if you need any help.  I can only give, because God only gives.  Giving is the only way to experience abundance, pure, full abundant love that is what you are.  Give, give and give more than you feel comfortable giving.  It is the key to happiness.

You can only give to yourself, there is only ONE MIND… so give totally and you will know who you are.  Keep giving to everyone and everything.  Don’t worry about the future, or how you will survive.  You will be given all the support you need if you only give.  You will discover yourself and your loved ones all around you are only waiting for you to give yourself to them!

What have you got to lose?  You cannot lose if you always give.  You receive as you give.  You are ONE MIND.  There is no loss because God is love and you are that love.  I know it seems simple. IT IS! Because God is total simplicity.  There are no complications in love.  You complicate it.  You put demands on it.  Just let it be what it is and you will be free.  Just be yourself and give and you will know who you are.

Love and blessings!