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Why do you need a mind training?

Quantum Physics states that cause and effect are not apart. The Law of Attraction states that you get the result of your thoughts instantly. So, you need to free your mind from the fear and negative energy that has bound you to the Earth in a separate state of existence.  Does this make sense to you?  If so, you probably want to get some help, and luckily, you have come to the right place.

First you need to accept a few premises:

  • The Earth is a hologram. You are a body, identified as one, and you believe this whole world of separation is real and you have to survive, suffer and die. This is the dimension of earthly bondage.
  • The good news is: You have all power and you can decide to have a different experience.  You can change from a separate existence from the Creator to one of healing, oneness and peace.
  • So for a moment, suspend your judgment and just assume it is true, you have a choice.  How would you know how to awaken on your own?  You need a miracle.
  • To awaken and to become free from the dream, means you need a mind training, a path or a sure direction that will lead you out of the dark.
  • The first step is to admit that you have a problem, and you don’t seem to have the solution.  Only then you are open enough to be teachable.
  • The miracle is the correction of the original error, it is the universal teaching of spiritual reality and eternal life.  Love and forgiveness is the way out of fear, as these two states cannot coexist.  Perfect love casts out fear.
  • This thought system based upon love is also going on at the same place where you have placed the belief in separation, in your mind.

What to do?  You need a new thought system and a way to correct the error going on in your mind.  

How to do it?   If you read the 365 lessons of the Course, for 10 minutes each day you will open yourself to experience a change of mind so vastly unlike the state of separation, it brings swift healing and awakening that affects you at all levels of mind and body. This then, becomes the correction, or the miracle that brings about illumination.  Being in the NOW means you stop the memories of fear from affecting you.

What will happen? When you apply each of the lessons to your mind you feel and see differently.  If you succeed, and you will each time you truly ask with desire, you will find yourself in a very peaceful state of mind, it will begin to allow you to live in a new reality.

Why do it? There is every reason to do this, because the world needs you to be fearless and to learn the mechanism of release. It is imperative that those on the spiritual path join to free the human mind from bondage.  It is up to you to free yourself and then you can be of service to those who still suffer.

Does this make sense to you?  Have you been looking for a spiritual guide?

Who I am:  

I am a teacher of A Course in Miracles who is also an energy healer. I was healed of anxiety and depression by doing the lessons of A Course in Miracles and by energy healers.

After a very short time of doing the lessons, I felt more at peace and fearless than ever before in my life. The guidance I experienced inside me led me to become a teacher of the Course. It was inevitable that I found an awakened Master who showed me that I had awakened, was able to confront the parts of me that were in denial, and confirmed that the truth was within me. I stayed with him for 10 years until his passing.

Why work with me?

I only want you to know yourself as you truly are:  Perfect as God created you. This is a real experience, not just intellectual theorizing. The Course aims at the experience of perfect peace, knowing who you are and becoming totally free of fear, guilt, judgment, and yes, even death.

I am here to shine a light on the darkness, you help you become released from fear and come into the reality of yourself as a loving being of light.  So you can become fearless, full of clarity about your life’s purpose and in tune with Divine Reality.

I am now offering the opportunity to work with me privately.   Simply click on the Healing Sessions tab in the top menu and follow the directions.



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Do I have to meditate?

Do you have to meditate to awaken? The Course in Miracles is a mind training, it does not require a great deal of time where you sit and watch your mind and slow down the thoughts and then stop thinking. It is more direct, in that you are required to read a lesson and follow instructions with the idea presented. Meditation is more timely, more about control and trying to stop the thoughts. It means you are an objective thing trying to objectify or purify your thoughts. It can be a waste of time. If you have been doing it for a long time, and you still are not awake, try something new.

When doing the lesson, you surrender your idea and replace it. You don’t try to stop anything because ultimately your mind is thought, you are thought. This body form you occupy is not you, so who is meditating and why? You have to ask yourself, what do I hope to accomplish by meditating?

A mind training program requires a searching of the mind to correct the thoughts. You then automatically become more aware, more conscious of who you are. Each lesson requires that you observe your mind thinking thoughts that are in conflict, then you apply the lesson, asking for help, and repeating the thought for the day. This action of mind is the correcting device. A correction of thoughts is what the miracle is.

It is an undoing of the way you think! That is why it works. You want your mind to become free, not dead.

The miracle is always available to you. That is why the method, or the lesson, is actually also the result you are seeking. It does not require a lot of time, but it does require that you have the willingness to do the lesson. It saves time because you do not have to watch and observe your crazy thoughts. You simply notice a thought, just see that you think it, and apply the lesson.

Then throughout the day you notice that a thought of fear arises, and you release it with a lesson such as “These thoughts do not mean anything”. Then fear thoughts no longer bother you. You replace it with a true thought.

I notice that after many years of doing the lessons, the central ideas of the Course are completely ingrained, my mind has been changed fundamentally so that I don’t take seriously fear thoughts any more. I notice them, and feel how they affect me, then give them no attention. I see/feel them when they arise and I decide I don’t want these thoughts. I ask for help immediately and release them. It is easier than when I first began, but I have to say, the same mechanism is always at work. The fear yields to the love underneath them, and the fear is gone. When the light has come, the darkness simply vanishes.

It is a very simple course and one that requires very little time from you. In the beginning, only a couple of minutes each day are required.

You only have two choices, one is fear, the other is infinite Love. Which would you prefer?

To be afraid of the love of God is the height of insanity. It implies you don’t know who you are or what you are doing here. Do a lesson today and feel how much happier you are when you repeat it to yourself throughout the day. For example: God is the Mind with Which I think. God is the strength in which I trust. God is in everything I see.

Meditation can be very time consuming and you may not reach the goal. Your thought system needs to be reversed from fear based thinking to love based thoughts. This is a “sea change”. From fear to love, from pain to peace. From death to eternal life.




Love your “enemies”: How to forgive

I found myself in a quandary recently with a friend who accused me of something I felt I did not do. I asked for help and my guide showed me how to use a firehose to send a blast of love to her. Here is how it works: I open the top of my head, allow the light and love to flow down through into my heart center. Give it a moment to feel it, experience it. Allow the energy to radiate into my head, neck shoulders upper back, front of heart and blast it from my heart into that person’s heart center.

Give it a few minutes. It is just a reminder of who she is that is being given as I do this. It is real. Don’t underestimate the power of love! It can heal anything, a disease, a false idea, an egoic identity that has turned from the light. It is the most powerful thing in the universe. When a dark shadow appears, when someone attacks you, it is imperative to know that love must be given and extended, because it is what releases the stuck energy that is denying it.

In truth, there are no “enemies”, but there are those that challenge us to either love or hate, to judge or have compassion. I have been there, I know what it feels like to be caught in the victim mind. We all have and are not proud of how much time we have spent there. But we do have the power of choice and must exercise it.

Darkness is a problem that is based upon the choice not to know the truth. That is all, and the truth is that love is what you are. Many beings haven’t chosen to know who they are, which is fine until it is directed at you and you feel the pain of it. Now what? Jesus is very clear in the Course, “forgive and you will see this differently”. But sometimes we don’t know how to forgive. That’s OK, because he does and he will help you remember.

My job and yours (should you choose to accept it) is to free the mind of darkness. The dark mind is my mind! The egoic identity is always selfish and self-seeking which is not really extending anything. It has no real power, its just turned in upon itself and is stuck in an idea. Yet, it isn’t fun and when you are in it, you do need help to get out of it. A simple choice to free yourself and your “friend” who has turned on you is all you need. The light does the rest. But it is work and to apply this truth, it takes focus and you have to put your attention on love, on the idea that you come from a loving God and that He knows how to extend through you.

Do it and see how easy it is.

So try the above exercise. See how it works for you. Do it 5 times a day if you want. Find those who you have difficulty with and free them right now. You are never alone, all thoughts have power. And you will find that the more you extend love to those who challenge you, the more love you will experience. You can’t make anyone do anything or accept anything they are unwilling to accept. That is not your job. Your job is to experience it yourself and send it whenever a challenge or a “call for love” comes into your awareness. You have nothing to say about their acceptance. They will do it now or later, it is inevitable because “the tolerance for pain is high but not without limit”.

Love your enemies, bless those that persecute you, do good to them who spitefully use you...this is the commandment of our Savior and during this time of Christmas, isn’t it time we all took it seriously? Love heals all and you are never alone. You have guides, angels, ascended Masters at your side. Use them! Free yourself and love all today. What if everyone on the planet did this today? Imagine what your holiness can do!

Merry Christmas!

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Nothing You Cannot Do

To completely know that you have all power and that you can use this power to free yourself is where you come out of victimization. This is the answer to every problem you can construct for yourself. There is a way to truly find peace even in time and space by the very act of your mind to choose it. It is very simple and you try to complicate it. Because of your belief that it cannot possibly be that simple.

My question is: Do you believe the first premise?

You have all power.

You are the light of this world.

You are not a victim of circumstance.

You are whole and perfect because you did not create yourself. You have nothing to say about who you really are. That is why all spiritual paths lead to relinquishment of self-will. You don’t know how to make yourself happy. You could be happy right here and now if you knew you had all power.

Try it. Imagine yourself whole and perfect. A truly radiant being from outside this earth realm. A spirit, with a guiding force that moves in and out of existence at your own will. Free to be anywhere you choose, free to experience anything you desire. Not from within a limited frame, but outside that frame, that construct that cannot contain you.

You are free! You already the thing that you seek. The love, the happiness, the joy. Radiant and shining in the love of your Creator.

This world cannot contain you because it is a hologram. It is illusory. It has no real substance. Yet you are the light that shines into the darkness, into the illusion. Your entire being resonates with the harmony of the universal spheres.

You can come home now, out of the dark. You have been waiting for this for many years, centuries perhaps. And the time for your awakening is now.

It will not happen later on. Now. Here.

When you are free, you are free. Yet you are totally dependent upon your Creator whose Will for you is perfect happiness. All fear is a simple denial.

You may experience a thought of limitation but you can release it. You cannot contain yourself any longer. The will of the Father or Creator of you is one with your will. This has always been true and you KNOW it.

Transformation has occurred and is occurring now within you. You are the One Son of a beloved Creator. There is no multiplicity, no duality. The singular occurrence has occurred.

No more doubt, no more denial.

Love and peace are your inheritance no matter what is going on with you right now. In the dark moments, you find out what is real. You get very serious about waking up from the dream of death. That is all that is going on.

Do the lessons, 1-10. Ending with this thought that releases you completely:

These thoughts do not mean anything.

All fear thoughts have no real meaning. They do not have any substance because the ego, or separate self has no source.

I realize that you don’t believe this, but I assure you that it is true. What is stopping you from believing it?

It would have to be self-will, or fear. Perhaps uncertainty of who you really are.

You can use your power to deny this, or you can use it to free yourself. It is up to you. Use the lessons, none of my thoughts mean anything. This is how to relinquish your thoughts and come into your heart center. Right here and now. Each lesson has a gem, a gift to you. Each one contains a miracle, or a correction.

It can be life-altering to know that one miracle can release a whole thought pattern that was causing you pain. It is simple, because truth is true. And nothing else is true. Can you accept that idea?

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Freedom From Fear – The Power of Now

My daily practice consists of the mind training of A Course in Miracles. This is an on-going practice of relinquishment of self-identity through the workbook lessons brilliantly organized by the author.

In Eckart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, he describes the mind that is ego. He also makes you stop and look at your own thought processes which keep you bound to ego mind. The most helpful thing I found with this book was that you had to not just read it, but become aware of the thoughts of ego mind and realize that this is your entire problem. The mind in separation, the pain body, all this is helpful to look at and think about. Several times he refers to A Course in Miracles, but doesn’t expound on it. It is a wonderful book and confronts you with the real problem of human existence at this time, This requires something more than a theory or a way to look at things in a different way. You need something that will completely change the way you think entirely. It is time we really take a look at the Course in Miracles and see that the blueprint for the awakeninng human consciousness is now here and is working perfectly.

Why do you need the workbook of A Course in Miracles?
Without a mind training, the ego mind continues to observe itself and project its own misidentity onto the “external” world. An idea never leaves its source, so the source, the ego mind, which is you, needs to be annihilated. This means you have to be completely undone. You have to awaken from this dream of separation. It isn’t a doing, it’s really an undoing. Observation is not the answer, more theories about enlightenment are not really helpful. Release is. Why? Because enlightenment is not a change at all. Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is all conditional. It is your whole mind which is part of a divine, loving Creator Who knows not of your silly dream. In truth, YOU are IT, and IT is not lost. It is what you are! But do you experience it? Or are you still caught in the dream trying to find your way out?

The fact is, you need an alternative to the dream that you made up. And it is right here.

How does it work? The Course lessons are designed to facilitate the release or your self-identity: through surrender, relinquishment, and letting go. First you must stop judging, stop blaming and take total responsibility for your own thoughts. I have been in the practice of these daily lessons for many years. Each day the course suggests you look within, find the thoughts that keep you bound to fear, and practice a new idea. What happens is that the Mind that you share with God becomes more real to you than the ego mind. Over time, you start to laugh at how ridiculous it is to be afraid when love and light are all around you, and in fact, what you are! It is a miraculous occurrence, and therefore, is a true Mind training that frees you from fear. It amazes me that it is still not widely known as a true path to enlightenment.

If you really take the time to look within and find those thoughts that keep you suffering and in pain, you then have an opportunity to become aware of the fear underlying this pain. But becoming aware of it wasn’t my problem, I knew I was afraid, and I wanted it to go away!

Why so much fear? Why depression? This is what brought me to the Course, I couldn’t find the answer to the question: Why am I so afraid? Psychologists couldn’t help me, hypnosis couldn’t help me. I found, to my astonishment, no one knew how the mind works. Even the academics know that we still know very little about the mind. This was stated recently in a lovely documentary called Spiritual Revolution. Which also did not include people doing the mind training of A Course in Miracles, strangely enough.

When I opened the Text of A Course in Miracles way back in 1989, the explanation, although written in religious terminology, was very clear and very simple: You think you are separate from your Creator and this has made you very fearful. You made up this idea, or illusion of a separate state and you think it is real. Your entire world revolves around this one central idea and luckily for you, you are mistaken. You are asleep in a dream. There is a way out, but you must awaken to the truth by letting go of all you made up. One idea after another. Luckily, there is a proven method involved which requires the simple discipline of doing one lesson per day. Then you apply this lesson to everything that happens during that day.

The action of relinquishment is a practice and yet, it happens in spite of you. In my experience, the mind is very devious. You may decide you want to become enlightened, and even dedicate yourself to a practice which brings you into quiet every day. However, without a mind training which releases the thoughts of judgment, fear and attack, you are still observing a mind that is afraid. What is the point? Without the miracle, there is no hope. So, luckily, the Course is here and is aimed at saving you time. You don’t have to sit for long periods contemplating ideas, watching thoughts without a solution. This is mind wandering. And you are much too tolerant of mind wandering!

Lesson 7, which is key, states “I see only the past”. This is amazing when you really get it experientially. Every thought you think is about the past. And the only thing keeping you from experiencing this present moment is this preoccupation with your past. AND IT IS OVER. Isn’t that weird?

That is why you are in pain. Your painful thoughts about the past is what makes up your self-identity. It isn’t even there! It is already gone. But you maintain it with your insistence that it is still happening. Who would you be without it? Ask yourself this question. Every day. Every moment.

You see, for me, it has to be practical. I want to feel it, know it on a gut level. I need to feel and know that fear is not real. It isn’t there. Lesson 6 is “I am upset because I see something that is NOT THERE.” Practice that all day long and see what happens.

This brings me instantly into a state of mind where only now exists. The light dawns upon me. There is so much support around me that gives me this glimpse into reality. Which is heaven, which is love, and it is what I am. God didn’t abandon me! I am HOME right here and NOW.

More later…thank God!