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Heal Your Mind, Transform Your Life – Through A Course in Miracles

About Me

Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Who I am …

Hello and welcome, my name is Monica Dubay, I am a teacher of A Course in Miracles who is also a spiritual energy healer for 25 years. I was healed of anxiety and depression by doing the lessons of A Course in Miracles and a consistent dedication to my own awakening.

After a very short time of doing the lessons, I found peace.  I knew life was about hope and love and my thoughts to the contrary made no sense.

The guidance I experienced inside me led me to become a teacher of the Course. I then found an awakened Master who instructed me for over 10 years, and confirmed that the truth was within me. I have been given an amazing gifts, that I want to share with you.

Why read this blog and do A Course In Miracles?

I only want you to know yourself as you truly are:  Perfect as God created you. This is a real experience, not just intellectual theorizing. The Course aims at the experience of perfect peace, knowing who you are and becoming totally free of fear, guilt, judgment, and yes, even death.

Life is eternal.

I know this because I accepted it for myself after a period of deep depression and “dying” to my self to awaken to the fact that LOVE is all there is. Your only function here is forgiveness. You have been given everything you need to do this. I promise. I want to assist you with your awakening if you resonate with his blog.

Remember, there is nothing to fear.

There is a way out of fear. It resides within you. Be not afraid.

What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles was given us as the fundamental thought system from out of time that takes us out of this dream of suffering, pain, loneliness, and death.There are those who have been through the deep dark dream, surrendered totally and live in a state of peace and have been given the assignment of assisting in this celestial speedup that is A Course in Miracles.

This dream is not real and never will be. There is nothing you need to atone for. You have simply put yourself to sleep with a “tiny, mad idea” that you could usurp the power of God. You could not do this, because God is LOVE. He never changes His Mind about you. You are His beloved Son. He welcomes you with open arms and throws a party for you when you decide you want to come home. LET’S BE ABOUT IT.

Join me.

For information on the Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Program, please click here.

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