Resurrected Mind

Heal Your Mind, Transform Your Life – Through A Course in Miracles

Is This You?

Are You Looking for True Lasting Peace of Mind?

  • If you are in crisis and want answers to how to free your mind from fear, guilt and resentment,
  • If you want to wake up but have found meditation to be impossible,
  • If you want to experience more peace, joy and spiritual alignment,
  • If you have been on the path for a while and feel stuck ,
  • If you are in a major life transition and need help making sense of it all,
  • If you are in emotional pain and want to be healed of it,
  • If you want more joy, more clarity, and want to learn to apply the lessons to your life situation,
  • If you are having kundalini experiences or “light” episodes and want to know what is happening, and don’t know where to turn,
  • If you have been practicing the lessons of the Course in Miracles and want guidance,
  • If you have never done the Course in Miracles, but want help with the lessons and mind training,


Nothing is accomplished by an untrained, undisciplined mind. Peace will come when all habitual need for conflict is given up. When this happens can be determined by you. How much do you want peace? How much energy are you willing to devote to it?

Thank you for opening up to receive help. Contact me to set up an appointment to work privately, or just read the blog and do the Workbook lessons.  Audios of instruction will be coming shortly.  Contact me at:

I am grateful for your dedication to your awakening!


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