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How to Become Enlightened Using A Course in Miracles


Many masters have given instructions on how to achieve enlightenment using methods, chanting, meditation, prayer, or reading a daily lesson. What will work for you? First you have to ask yourself: Do I really want to become enlightened? Or am I just on a spiritual search and haven’t found what I’m looking for. Are you willing to waste more time or have you become fed up with the idea that it may take ” many lifetimes” to achieve your goal?

If you are fed up with the idea that it takes a long time to become enlightened, then you have come to the right place. This idea is a trap. It means that you are not enlightened now and will not be unless you do these arduous tasks that seem too time consuming to really work. But you have to begin somewhere, so in this post, I explore the path to Enlightenment that make you look at yourself in a new way. It is a direct confrontation with the victim consciousness that most human beings ascribe to.

Who am I? Well, for the past 24 years, I dedicated my life to my awakening using A Course in Miracles as my method. The method or the practice was important, the master I was with for 12 years was vital to my progress, and now everything I learned I want to share with you.

Why? I only want to extend what I now know which may hopefully save you some time.

So, here goes:

1. Stop trying to become enlightened. Put down the practice, go inside you and ask yourself: What do I hope to experience by becoming enlightened?
Ask yourself, what do I not have right now that I want to have? Success, peace? Freedom from worry, fear, death? Be specific.

2. Get really quiet and ask yourself this: What am I willing to do to achieve this goal? Are you serious about this, or do you want someone else to enlighten you so you can go make money and be free from your egoic self-identity at the same time? This is not enlightenment, it is egoic mind games.

3. Are you happy today? What are you feeling right now? Peace, boredom, fear? Write it down. What do you think you need in order to be happy? Whatever comes to you, write it down.

4. Do you think that enlightenment is achieved through suffering of some kind? Be clear about this because it may surprise you. Again write down whatever comes to mind.

5. Do you think that your body can give you enlightenment? For example, through postures, sitting for long periods, breathing, etc. Have you tried these methods? Have they helped you?

6. What are your ideas about God? Write whatever comes to mind. This is a very important point. Ideas about God can be blocks and make up your belief system or conditioning.

7. Do you pray and why? Do you know who you are praying to? Are you sure there is someone there? Do you hear a voice speaking to you? Do you feel a presence? What is it like? Describe it.

8. Are you willing to change your beliefs about God? What if God’s Will for you is perfect happiness…would you believe that?

9. Are you willing to take responsibility for every thought you are thinking by accepting the fact that you are the thinker?
Most people just accept that their thoughts are true because they are thinking them. What if none of them were true? How would that make you feel? Would you want to know what is true?

10. If it were true that God created you perfect and whole, is this what you experience now? In other words, are you totally aware that you are a complete idea in the Mind of God? Do you want to know yourself as this? If not, great, enjoy your life completely. If you want to experience it, read on.



Spiritual teacher, writer, energy healer, CranioSacral therapist and Mind/Body Transformational Leader. Founder of Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life, Transformation, Empowerment and Leadership for Women. My life's dedication is to help people free their mind from limiting beliefs and awaken to the truth of who they are to live freer, happier and more fulfilling lives . I believe in the power of the mind to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical pain. A recent client states: "Monica's kind and loving energy created a safe and nurturing space for our work together. Her techniques are elegant but laser sharp, and I had several significant breakthroughs in our very first session of Mind/Body Transformation together". Robin R., Wisconsin, Sept. 2015

4 thoughts on “How to Become Enlightened Using A Course in Miracles

  1. Thank you for tour post.

  2. supreme concisiousness where you forget about body & mind.

  3. spiritual enlightenment is comlete here and now , remove the cloud hiding the Sun, and be That which you have always been and eternally will be.

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